Treating Termites For Your Home Protection


Treating Termites

Taking care of own house to make it cozier, cleaner and more comfortable is the task for all homeowners. But sometimes, something can destroy the perfect atmosphere, which you tried to create, spending lots of time, money and efforts. Insects, rodents and other parasites can disturb you at the most unexpected moment and create a lot of inconveniences. Not a pleasant experience at all! Termites are the most dangerous. The main food of these pests is cellulose. Therefore, termites in the house can harm any object containing cellulose: furniture, books, plants and leaves, trees, and decorative objects.

Because of the perfect climate for these parasites, one of five homes in Australia needs termite protection. Perth city and surrounding suburbs are just as much in risk concerning termite attack, like the rest of Western Australia. So, if you don’t want to be terrified about the fact, that you can find termites in your house, there are some steps to prevent the occurrence of pests:

  • After your home construction, try to keep the soil around it and its foundation dry;
  • Provide proper ventilation in the house;
  • If possible, during construction, find out what types of wood are not so “delicious” for termites, for example, cedar or mahogany;
  • Furniture and potentially dangerous areas of the house should be treated with antiseptics for preventing the appearance of parasites;
  • Make sure that trees and shrubs are growing not too close to the walls of the home;
  • Regularly check the place, where you are storing firewood.

Perhaps, following these points will help you to avoid troubles connected with termite treatment. Perth householders can protect themselves from unnecessary problems. But if suddenly, you think that termites are gradually destroying your home, probably, it will be hard for you to deal with them without professional help.

Why is it better to use the professional services of treating termites?

Termite control requires a responsible and individual approach. In addition to getting rid of termites, you need to think about what to do to avoid their returning. Your house is one of the most valuable investments and losing it because of insects is not acceptable. It will be the most reliable and correct decision to use the services of a special experienced team of experts that will not only clean your home from parasites but also provide termite protection. Perth region is in safe hands thanks to Pesti Pest Control.

A team of experts knows what to do since the elimination of termites must be comprehensive, involving the use of chemicals. Monitoring systems and bait stations for detection of termites’ activity and the use of special termiticides for treating soils around buildings and houses proposed by Pesti Pest Control are powerfully effective. Finding signs of high termite activity, they will use all their experience to provide you with impressive and long-term results.


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