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Beautiful Treehouse

The concept of a treehouse started from the colonial period. People make a treehouse in a calm and quiet place to live and work peacefully. However, nowadays, due to the hectic life, people forget about the treehouse. Have you ever realized that a treehouse can bring recreation to your kids? Let us see some of the features of the treehouse’s rooms.

  1. The Hemloft Treehouse

The Hemloft Treehouse

The HemLoft Treehouse is a unique one. It is circular, and the bridge is suspended. The trunk of the tree surrounds the whole house. It also possesses a staircase and a window. Your child can relax here and can view the bonding of nature with the Earth.

  1. Luxury Treehouse

Luxury Treehouse

The name suggests luxury, so you can understand that this type of treehouse is equipped with modern facilities. It is rectangular or square. You can’t distinguish it from the ordinary house. Its sleek design gives a funky look. For making this treehouse, one needs at least two to three big trees.

  1. Sphere Treehouse

Sphere Treehouse

Sphere Treehouse is generally found in an evergreen forest. It is comparatively smaller in shapes and sizes and possesses only one or two tiny rooms. As it is small in size, you can keep a single bed, a table and some of your essential furniture. People generally come here to do their crucial works in this type of treehouse.

  1. Bird’s Nest Treehouse 

Bird's Nest Treehouse

As the name suggests, Birds Best treehouse resembles the nest of the bird. The outside of the treehouse is nicely ornated with the twigs, branches, and stars. The inner portion is enclosed with walls, doors, attached toilets, and a small balcony. Not many people can live at a time in the treehouse.

  1. Office Treehouse

Office Treehouse

The office treehouse is well-furnished and gives an elegant look. It is generally square-shaped or rectangular; you can view the entire nature of your balcony. It is large, and you can keep your official documents like a laptop, tablet, chair, sofa, etc. It possesses typically large windows from which you can enjoy the scenic beauty. It is perfect for doing official works.

  1. Minister’s Treehouse

Minister's Treehouse

The Minister’s Treehouse is one of the visitor’s spots. Minister Horace Burgess built it in 1993. It is the tallest treehouse ever seen across the globe and consists of five stories and more than eighty rooms. It also possesses a kitchen, washroom, balcony, etc. The story behind it is that the Minister dreamt that God is saying to him to build a massive treehouse, then he will never run out of wealth. Minister didn’t waste his time and made a treehouse. Today, people from different parts of the world come to visit the treehouse. However, the treehouse is closed now. This treehouse resembles a small palace and can be said as one of the wonders of the world.

  1. Portuguese Elevated Treehouse Snake

Portuguese Elevated Treehouse Snake

The Portuguese elevated treehouse is shaped like a long snake. That’s why it is named so. It is built with all the modern equipment. The architectures kept a particular eye on designing the treehouse. It is for recreational purposes and designed with all the modern equipment. Children can play here and like to spend their time over here. There are various rooms, and it is made up of different types of types. The treehouse is situated in nature’s arm. One can enjoy nature by living in this treehouse.

  1. Mirror Cube Treehouse

Mirror Cube Treehouse

The specialty of the mirror cube treehouse is the aluminum walls. The aluminum walls give the flavor of mirrors. It is large, and one sees his face. The walls provide a contemporary look. You can see your face also in the aluminum walls. People come here to spend their weekends.


Treehouse gives a modern look. We can see the treehouse located far from the crowd. People come here either to spend their weekends or work in a calm and quiet place where no one will disturb them. You can bring your children to get some innovative ideas about how a tree has been utilized in building a treehouse.

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