Trend: Flowers In Your Interior


Flowers In Your Interior

Flowers come in different shapes and sizes. Big or small, they make our lives a lot more colourful and happier! A bunch of flowers because it’s someone’s birthday, just for no reason or because you want to make amends. In the fashion world, you can no longer avoid beautiful floral prints, but flowers are also making a comeback in the interior world. We are therefore only too happy to welcome this trend. Are you also curious about this trend?

Bloompost is an example of a comfortable, elegant and timeless type of flower. These flowers are a real asset to any interior. It is available in various beautiful colours which give your interior a beautiful taste.

Flower Styling With Dahlias: Round Or High On The Stems

Dahlias have sturdy petals. They vary in size from the size of a gerbera to larger than a fist. Because of their sturdiness and size, you can decorate very nicely with these flowers in a vase. Do not use a vase that is too high for that. On a somewhat lower vase, you can better see your “dahlia artwork”. Cut the stems of the flowers so that the flowers stick out just above the rim of the vase. Place the flowers around the vase in this way. Alternate in colour and size. Then fill the space that remains in the middle. You keep those flower stems a little longer. This creates a beautiful “bulb” flower arrangement on your vase.

Colourful And Playful Bouquets

Do you also enjoy all those beautiful bouquets full of colourful flowers and green branches? That’s a good thing because this summer is full of bright blooms. For example, opt for a beautiful summer seasonal bouquet. It is full of contemporary flowers and looks great in a beautiful vase. Or how about a playful field bouquet, picking bouquet or a mixed bouquet with various types and colours of flowers? These bouquets adorn your interior and look great on any table. Whichever bouquet you choose, it is always a showpiece in your interior.

Summer Plants

Do you want to add beautiful plants to your interior in addition to flowers? Which can! Take a good look at which plants can withstand a little sunlight if you put them on the windowsill, for example. And don’t forget to take good care of them. Plants that we see a lot this summer include the Aloe Vera plant, orchid, pineapple plant and various types of palms. These plants are happy with a nice warm climate, and they also provide a dose of green happiness to your interior. Do you want to give your interior a little more colour? Then choose a beautiful large pink orchid in a tall glass pot.

Dried Flowers It Is!

It’s an instant hit, even in the summer! And we’re not just talking about beautiful dried grasses and plumes. We mean dried flowers with a fresh and cheerful summer touch. And you know what’s so nice? You can just choose your favourite flowers and dry them yourself. Then you are not tied to certain colours, and you can really choose flowers and colours you love. Dried flowers are sold throughout the whole world. In Denmark these flowers are called friske blomster or fødselsdags blomster. This immediately ensures that you have a unique forest in your interior that probably no one has. The advantage of dried flowers is that you do not have to water them, and they do not dry out due to the heat of the sun. Ideal!

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