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Los Angeles is a massive city. It’s five-hundred square miles of the unbroken metropolis. There are mountains in that area, and the city is just built around them like a conglomeration of surface-dwelling human ants parting around a log on their endless march. If you start driving on the beach in Santa Monica, jump on the interstate east, and follow it until you’re out of city infrastructure, it takes around 120 miles.

City Los Angeles Cityscape Skyline

Now, of course, in that area, there are multiple incorporated communities. As you get east from Santa Monica, you hit Hollywood, and then Los Angeles, and then Eagle Rock, and then Pasadena, and then you’re on the brink of the metropolitan sea that is the inland empire, including Riverside and many other communities.

In the north of Santa Monica, on the coast, is Malibu, and eastward there’s a mountain range that separates the San Fernando Valley. “The Valley” as it’s called is home to 1.77 million people and is generally more affordable than the Los Angeles Basin, composed of the inland empire, L.A., Hollywood, and Orange County to the south.

Between these massively populated areas, there is no end of apartment arrangements. From shared units to studio apartments, luxury apartments, sublet options, leasing arrangements, and more, you’ll find it in L.A. Things are going to be expensive, but there are also deals if you take the time to look, and can comb through options.

Finding Hidden Deals

Rent-controlled units exist in L.A., as to make some of the most luxurious lease arrangements on the planet. If you want to see luxury like nothing you’ve ever experienced before, or perhaps beyond the capabilities of your very imagination, you’ve got to check out units like these West LA apartments.

Additionally, just because Los Angeles proper is replete with varying intrigues pertaining to indigents and infrastructure, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some downright remarkable units available right now. As a reference, check out some of these astonishing downtown LA apartments for rent.

Hollywood Sign Palm Trees

A big trend right now in Los Angeles leasing is the “green” movement. Buildings can be constructed which have either no impact on the environment whatever, or a substantially reduced amount comparatively speaking. Sustainable living is a massive trend in L.A. presently, and it will tend to drive up the costs of apartment units if slightly.

Something else that’s becoming more en vogue is the “pod” movement. This has taken root in San Francisco and is stretching out into L.A. Essentially, multiple people share single units leased through companies that install things like bunk beds. It’s a step down from the dormitory living, but the monthly fee is all-inclusive.

Mobile Living, And Knowing Your Options

The third trend in L.A. is the non-stationary approach. Instead of renting an apartment, people buy an RV, find a place to park it and move it when they have to. This sounds like an overkill option, but it’s a way to live more luxuriously than you could in an apartment at a bare fraction of the cost, and own your premises to boot.

The thing about Los Angeles is this: it’s a temperate city. The coldest it’s going to get is 37 degrees Fahrenheit. It might freeze on occasion, but this is extremely rare. Usually, things stay above the forties, even in winter. In the summer, the inland areas can get into the triple digits, as they say, but it’s sporadic for coastal beach cities to top ninety degrees regularly.

Accordingly, living outdoors is pretty feasible throughout the region, so there are apartment units that can be more cost-effective at the expense of poor utilities. It all depends on your budget when you get down to brass tacks and improvising.

If you’ve got the funds, you can get a luxury unit like none other in the world. If you don’t, there are options. Know your limitations and make choices strategically. Trends are always in flux, and something new is still on the horizon in Los Angeles.

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