Trendy Modern Lamps – Just What You Need To Improve Your Space


From pendant lights, chandeliers, and ordinary ceiling lights, it’s time to take a break from the overhead recessed lights and embrace softer accent lighting. The modern lamps offer more than just lighting. They’re also decorative pieces with a finishing touch on your living space. Other lamps have the power to soothe and calm you and inspire your creativity as well as your imagination. Others create a perfect ambiance for sound sleep, a party, or a romantic night.

For this reason, to pick the ideal modern lamps for your space, you have to consider such things as the finish, style, size, and shape. All these should complement the other furnishings in your living space for an overall aesthetic improvement.

Here are 5 of the most modern, functional, and aesthetically stunning lamps to improve your space:

  1. The Levitating Moon Lamp

The Levitating Moon Lamp

With the daily hustles and bustles, you’re often looking for a chance to breathe and relax a bit? And often, nature is the best solace for relaxation. The moon, a mesmerizing creation of nature, is one such source of absolute peace.

Besides glowing and lighting up our planet earth, it adds enormous charm to the atmosphere and the environment. And this is exactly what the Levitating Moon Lamp does to your home. Designed using a state of the art technology, this replica of the moon creates a spellbinding effect in your living area and improves it instantly.

It quietly and gracefully rotates while gently giving that unparalleled glow, much like the moon landing was. This is one of the most sophisticated yet simple modern table lamps out there; it’s perfect for your bedroom or living room.

  1. The Galaxy Lamp

The Galaxy Lamp

Lighting plays a huge role in your overall décor look, and this 3D Galaxy Lamp will complete your décor by adding a vibrant starry touch with a subtle texture and a subdued feel. It’s a perfect mood, light, and more.

As one of the most unique and advanced modern table lamps, this Galaxy Lamp embodies the magic of deep space beautifully, as it’s meticulously designed by a world-class team using the highest quality NASA satellite images for real cosmic view right inside your home.

It comes with 16 different colors, adjustable brightness, and 3 different lighting modes for your different moods and needs. It also has a rechargeable battery for endless fun and plays. You will love how it illuminates your home at night and how it’s still a stunning space accessory even when it’s off.

  1. Lunar Arc Lamp

Lunar Arc Lamp

One of the best mid-century modern lamps, this Adesso lunar arc lamp, is an upgrade of the old arc lamp. It elegantly features five lights that branch off from the main pole, arching up and out in different heights, each of which adjusts vertically. Every light is covered in around milk glass shade. The poles have a chic satin-steel finish. The base adds to the look, is made of gray or white round marble.

This modern floor lamp will instantly improve any space by not only looking great, but it’ll give ample light, perfect for that reading nook.

  1. Callisto Tall Gold Floor Lamp

Callisto Tall Gold Floor Lamp

One of the most stunning modern floor lamps out there, this lamp features a gold finish that will upgrade any space just like that. It comes in different sizes, allowing you to pick a size that will complement the rest of your interior décor, your accessories, and furniture.

Handcrafted from golden capiz shell fragments, the lamp gives a warm and inviting, soft, golden glow that significantly creates a cozy atmosphere. No matter space, and besides this warm and bright function, it makes a gorgeous statement lighting accessory.

  1. West Elm Sphere + Stem Sconce

West Elm Sphere + Stem Sconce

The wall is not forgotten. The elegant design makes these sconce globes look as if they’re floating. With the glass orbs cleverly held by the skinny stem, this lamp is chic and minimalist with an antique brass finish to complement the milky glass globe for a classic yet modern touch kind of finish.

The good thing about sconces is they can pretty much be placed in different places such as the bathroom, as an alternative table lamp in your bedroom, on your entryway, or even the living room. It really shines no matter where, and with this modern twist, it effortlessly improves your space.

  1. Antique Brass Mid Century Frankie Task Table Lamp

Antique Brass Mid Century Frankie Task Table Lamp

The mid-century modern table lamps continue to trend thanks to the inspiration from Hollywood décor. This lamp is made of steel, but with matte black, copper, and antique brass finishes built up a modern touch. It has a unique design where the pedestal curves like an arc lamp with a deep conical shade shining the light directly where you want it. The copper interior makes for a warm light effect that would improve the ambiance of the room.

It makes such a style statement, which is why it would be a great monotony breaker in your home office.


Lighting is easily overlooked when improving your home décor, but modern lamps are just the statement to take your home décor to the next level. Go for mystical but bold lighting to warm and spice things up in your home. The above curated 6 modern lamps are a perfect place to start.

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