Try the Best Home Cleaning Remedies

On November 8, 2014 by Mamta

Home Cleaning

Home remedies are most searched on the internet after all, all the time you cannot afford to have fancy and expensive solutions. And with the festive time coming up, we all ensure that we do cleaning of our home. We tend to make our home spick and span.


Microwave Cleaning:

Microwave Cleaning

Cleaning of the microwave can be quiet a daunting task especially if you use the microwave daily then it becomes quiet a trouble for cleaning of the greasy food stains inside it.

And now if you want it to clean it real easy then just take a microwave bowl. In it add half part water with half part vinegar. Heat it in microwave for about five to six minutes. Then open it, and wipe out the inside clean with a wet cloth. All the greasy stains will come out clean. This is due to chemical reaction between water and vinegar. This makes the stains come off right very easy.

Dust Repellent:

Dust Repellent

One thing which is very irritating and which hurt us a lot is dust settling back again on the surface that we have cleaned. If you live in a place where there is lot of wind, pollution and dust around then cleaning has no meaning. This is because dust keeps on settling back on all the things that we clean.

But dear there is solution such that dust which accumulates after you have wipe clean, you can avoid it’s happening by making a dust repellent. Well for this you have to use a fabric softener which is mixed with water. This solution then can be used to clean the glass tables and various surfaces and immediately the dust will not layer up.

Air Freshener:

Air Freshener

Buying air fresheners from market which are full of chemicals, you can even make a home spray and minus all the harmful ingredients.

In cup, take spoon of vanilla extract and bake it in oven for half an hour at 360 degree. When you open up the fragrance will spread all over the home and you shall love it.

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