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Aside from its power to evoke specific thoughts and emotions, art is a universal language that transforms plain mediums into something that can grab people’s attention. In Melbourne, specifically, businesses and residences are converting unattractive wall spaces into a large canvas for art.

Wall art in rooms and commercial spaces make for an exciting attention-grabber. It’s a bold effort to move away from standard set up of home or industrial space decor, and an exciting element to set the mood in a residential or commercial space.

For the longest time, large artworks on walls of residential or commercial properties were only common among the elite. It was usually done by commissioning artworks from local or international artists. For most people, it has always been up to the choice use of furniture and decorative pieces to make a room look aesthetically pleasing.

But nowadays, there are many different ways for property owners to bring more personality into their estate. There are various modern methods to use art to transform any room into something that speaks the owner’s character and values.

Wall Art Melbourne To Cover Entire Wall Spaces

Wall Art

Tall and wide wall spaces can either make or break the overall look of any space. It’s generally great to have substantial white walls if you’re going for a minimalistic, clean design in your interior. But if you’re decorating for your living room or the lobby of your company, wall covering art could help make an impression to visitors.

Wallpaper in Melbourne can be a classy way to transform old boring walls in residential homes. It’s a great way to emphasise the height of an area in your home as wall art tends to draw the attention of its viewer from where the art piece begins at the bottom of the wall (floor) to its highest point (ceiling).

Wall art covering is perfect for when you want to make a statement using your interior. It’s a great way to break away from what’s conventional and own the space that you have. With wall art, you can show sophistication, funkiness or a mix of both among many other things!

It’s a great way to breathe new life to dull surfaces, giving more personality to an otherwise bare wall. For businesses, the selected wall art can complement the overall branding, which promotes brand awareness for visitors. Whether for residential or commercial spaces, wall covering art is a sure win.

Wall Decals Melbourne

Wall Decals

Wall art doesn’t always mean having to install a massive wallpaper on the bare wall. Highly decorative vinyl stickers are also a great way to incorporate accent pieces on your wall if you’re not one to invest in full wall art covering.

Wall decals are usually easy to remove and so you can freely stick it on your walls without worrying about it destroying the wall paint. You can also stick decals on top of each other to give the desired overall look on walls.

They are usually produced in one colour, although there is always an option to supplement other colours upon application. Sticker printing Melbourne is popular in restaurants and as complementary decor if you want to spruce up the interior of your home.

Poster Printing Melbourne

Poster Design

In the olden days, having a mural on walls meant having to spend a lot of money, and invest time to allow an artist to finish their work on the desired living space. Nowadays, having a decorative wall is a lot faster and easier.

While commissioning an artist to paint on a wall in your home is still an option, other printed alternatives deliver the same aesthetic output but using a different medium. Poster printing allows you to get aesthetically pleasing results that are digitally processed and then printed.

As the name suggests, poster printing means that the image for your wall won’t be manually painted on by an artist. After you select the design that you like, the image is usually processed and printed before it is installed on your wall. This allows you to see the entirety of the image beforehand and leaves absolutely no room for errors after it is printed.

Designing Your Art Posters Melbourne

Art Poster

Poster printing isn’t just for the printing of a generic photo to be installed on your wall. You can create your art, and post it on your wall! After all, it’s your wall, and so you naturally have the final say on what goes on it.

Designing your art for poster printing doesn’t mean you’ll have to create your sketch or open Photoshop or Illustrator to come up with new artwork. Your design could be a photo that you’ve captured somewhere and want to illustrate on your wall.

By designing your art, you can embrace the printed wall art, knowing that it is your idea that culminated its production. This is perfect, especially when you have specific images, illustrations or concepts in mind that would best complement the room.

Canvas Posters Melbourne

Canvas Print Modern Artwork

If you’re not one to go with full wall art covering, but also do not prefer to get sticker wall decals for your wall space at home or work, perhaps canvas posters would better tickle your fancy. Full or multi-canvas posters are great for when you want to breathe new life to blank walls but still want to make use of white space.

What’s excellent with canvas for interior wall decoration is that you can customise the number of canvas you want to hang on your wall and the size of each one. If you want a polished look, you can go for a 3-piece to showcase a breath-taking printed artwork or pick a set of 5 canvas posters of different sizes to present the same work of art.

Using Canvas Art Posters Melbourne As Major Decorative Pieces

Canvas Art Prints

Multi-canvas art posters are great for images that you want to become the centre of attention in your room. The flow of continuity and coherence in each canvas panel adds intrigue to the art piece, transforming the general mood and aura of your residential or commercial space.

With canvas posters, you won’t have to worry about the art piece becoming an overwhelming element in the room. It allows you to present an artistic image in a way that is elegant and clean but still delivers the same impact on the observer.

It’s unique, timeless, and doesn’t need much maintenance work. Unlike paintings that need careful cleanup and restoration work after a set amount of time, canvas posters only really need a little wiping with a cloth to look just as good.

Using Art To Spruce Up Your Space

Amazing Home Art

If you’re an art enthusiast, then you probably have a few artists whose pieces of work you want to own. But if you don’t have the means to purchase a piece just yet, printed art can be a good less expensive alternative than commissioning an artist. It’s also easier to create, and virtually hassle-free to install.

Printed art looks better for longer. It doesn’t require a lot of maintenance apart from occasional cleaning and wiping. If you’re planning to get a printed art piece, dust is your main enemy. Apart from that, you won’t have to worry about anything — not even the piece losing its colour within a few years.

Getting wall art covering, poster printing or canvas posters also allow you to become your artist. This is perfect, especially for businesses who offer creative services such as photography studios, fashion magazines, or advertising firms.

You got an exciting graphic that you want to exhibit on your wall? Did you capture a gloriously stunning photo somewhere and wish you could hang it on your wall? You can get that graphic or photo and have it printed to cover your wall, or exhibited through a poster or canvas.

You get to the final say as to what you want to showcase on your wall and how you want it to be presented. You can make the piece the highlight of your entire living room by making it your wall covering. But if you prefer to use the white space on your wall to highlight the colours within the piece, you can opt for a multi-canvas setup.

Interior design has a few cardinal rules as to how you can beautify your space while ensuring its functionality. It can tell you what type of colours can invoke a certain mood, and what furniture best suit a specific space. But above all the do’s and don’ts, your design should ultimately reflect the personality and values of the people who own the property.

Wall art can be a great way to own your space, not just by having your name on the title, but using your space to reflect your values and identity. The good thing about art is that it can be done in many different ways, and it can capture people in many different ways. In the case of printed wall art, it’s exhibited on what would otherwise be old boring empty walls.

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