Turn Your Space Into A Man Cave In 5 Easy Steps


We’ve all heard the term ‘man cave’ being bounded around like it’s going out of fashion… Whether it’s Dave from work who’s been telling you about his awesome new man cave that he claims to have built from scratch, or it’s another celebrity showing off their latest collection of electric guitars and vintage records.

The truth is, man caves are as relevant for the man on the street as they are for celebrities. No matter who you are, everybody needs time to sit back and switch off from the stresses of life. The beauty of a man cave is that it’s yours. Designed by you. Made by you. Enjoyed by you.

And they’re not as hard as you think to create. If you’ve got yourself a room, whether it’s a garage, an unused guest bedroom or a huge basement (a guy can dream!), then you’re ready to get going.

We’ve simplified the process into 5 easy steps that if you follow, you’ll be on to a winner. And it all starts with making that space truly yours…

  1. Think Of A Broad Theme

Rustic Themed Cave
Perhaps the most important step in turning your space into a man cave. I’ve seen good man caves and I’ve seen incredible man caves, and what makes the incredible ones stand out is a brilliant theme that links everything in the room together, from the accessories to the wall hangings. This can really elevate your man cave into something that your friends will be begging to visit.

Some common themes for man caves are specific sports (for example, baseball or American football), famous cities (such as London or New York), vintage or modern, classy or humorous, it’s completely up to you and what you enjoy.

  1. Split The Room Out Into Zones

Locker Room Themed Cave
It’s all about making the most of the space you have. Not to worry if you feel all you have is a box room, a little creativity can go a long way, trust me.

Start by splitting the room into zones (dedicating one area for a specific thing). There are three zones all real man caves should have: home bar; sports zone; chill out zone.

Even if it’s a small corner, it can make the room feel like it’s bigger than it is if it has a multi-purpose. Give it a go!

  1. Find The Ideal Home Bar

Bar Stools
My favourite part of a man cave – the home bar. Look at the space you have, and decide whether you want to go all out with a full bar and bar stools, or it’s just a little beer fridge and whiskey chair tucked in the corner. Consider whether you want the home bar to be the focal part of the room, if so, it simply must have bar stools. Don’t forget that these can be bought cheap and spruced up at home (if you fancy yourself as a bit of a handyman).

  1. Set Up Your Sports Zone

Set Up Your Sports Zone
Big sports fan? The sports zone is simply a must-have. Again, consider the space you have. If you’re tight on space, think dart board at an absolute minimum, or if you’re me, a foldable pool table to really take advantage of the space you have (simply tuck it away when you’re done playing with it).

You can’t beat some sports memorabilia on the walls (perhaps a framed shirt of your favourite player?) to really deck out your sports zone and make it super inviting for anyone that comes over.

  1. Create Your Ultimate Chill Out Space

Create Your Ultimate Chill Out Space
Last but absolutely not least, a place for you to sit back and let the world go by. Remember, your man cave is your sanctuary, it’s really worth splashing out on something special here. Whether it’s a designer leather beanbag (the bigger the better) or an all-singing-all-dancing armchair – you know the ones… You’ll be wanting to make the most out of this zone that’s for sure. Beer in hand, of course…

For more ways to make your man cave awesome, check out our site at Mancaves HQ


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