Turning Your Dining Room into a Decor Masterpiece


As a centerpiece of any welcoming home, a splendid dining room exalts hospitality and forwards invitations for a good company. It is much more than a place where meals are served. Expertly decorated, a dining room shows homeowners’ taste and knowledge of interior décor. Using these simple and budget-friendly tips and tricks, you, too, can transform your dining room into a place that is talked about.

Right Arrangement

Dining Room Designs

To achieve a cohesive look and arrangement of the elements, as well as comfort, each sitting place should have about 2’ of table space and at least 3’ between the table and other pieces of furniture or walls. When it comes to furniture pairing, you have two basic approaches. If you want to achieve a traditional atmosphere, match the table and chairs for a smoother transition. On the other hand, if you are looking for a mottled alternative, pair different but complementary finishes, like matching a pine dining table with a set of deep burgundy brown chairs.

Softening Up

Dining Room Masterpiece

A dining room is a realm of shiny hardwood surfaces. To avoid such a strict and official mood, you need to introduce textile décor that will unleash the warmth and raise the comfort. Select an eye-catching runner rug that will make the dining area a welcoming island on the wood floor. It will root the table to the floor, avoiding that “we’ve just moved in” look. For increased functionality, the rug should extend 2’ from the table edges on all sides.

In The Light Of Events

Dining Room Furniture

Even if your dining room is not furnished with big windows, you can capture more natural sunlight by introducing a couple of smartly positioned mirrors. Also, these will create an illusion of more space, whatever the occasion may be. The best way to achieve this is to fix a broad mirror onto the wall opposite the window. Combined with a dimmed pendant lamp or chandelier, it will create a dramatic play of shadows and light.

The Table Is Set

Dining Room Tables

Nothing like a well-dressed table heralds the coming of a delicious meal. You need a selection of stylish serving pieces that will match the dining room splendor. Pick several sets that can be combined with a lot of different styles and décors. When not in use, an intricate piece of porcelain or stained glass placed in a display cabinet instantly becomes a conversation piece. What remains is to cover the table in accent pieces, linens, wrought iron candlesticks, and natural or colored rush placemats.

Personal Style

White Dishes Centerpiece

For the final touch, you need to do something that will distinguish your dining room from the rest. Something like a unique style statement. You can either go with a vivid accent wall against the neutral setting or keep the vibes low to accent an operatic painting or a mosaic. Create unexpected vignettes that will fold around objects that you keep dear or prized heirlooms. The dining doom should have a history of its own.

No matter if you are having am ordinary weeknight meal or celebrating an important date in your calendar, the dining room should be your most trusted ally in hosting dining events. The composition and décor need to be forthcoming, to encourage conversation and help your guests relax and enjoy the great food and invigorating drinks.

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