Turquoise Interior Bathroom Design Ideas


Turquoise, a mixture of pale blue and green, is a color that can be considered very winsome, charming, dainty and contemporary, and hence perfectly fit the modern styling of home décor. A calm color, turquoise provides a very cool feel to an interior design. Turquoise can be a very pleasant choice when it comes to the styling of bathroom, as it is a place that, more often than not is associated with relaxation and calmness. An optimistic color which again signifies the color of ocean is very concordant and vibrant. After a long day’s work, a short relaxing bath in your peaceful and harmonious bathroom might just play the trick. The color that has elegance associated with its very texture also provides the audience with a very warm and welcoming look. Following are certain tips and ideas for different turquoise interior bathroom designs. Check it out:

Contemporary Inspired Bathroom

This contemporize bathroom may be in everybody’s dream. Achieving the kind could be quite different owing to the elegance associated with it. However, uplifting the spirit of your bathroom by making it Turquoise could be quite a help. The tiles should be of turquoise color and the look can be farther accessorizing by using aqua white shades of curtain. Paint the entire wall in lighter shade of turquoise complementary to brown, wooden doors or cabinets. A white color sitting stool can add up to the beauty of bathroom.

Modern Inspired Bathroom with White And Turquoise Aqua Shades Tiles

This one’s a complete soul – catcher. Filled with elegance and panache, this turquoise bathroom interior design is quite simple to achieve. A simple turquoise and aqua shine coloring pattern produces a very harmonious view. Black marbles are also used to accentuate the combination of turquoise and white. The walls can be further embellished by putting up soothing photographs. White lightings can be an icing on the cake.

Contemporary Bathroom

Plain yet beautiful, this is an interior bathroom design is a sheer art. A combination of turquoise and aqua white tiles, this bathroom design is an epitome of austerity. Glass cabinets are often used to accentuate the subtlety of bathroom.

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