Tv Wall Mounting In 4 Quick Steps


Tv Wall Mounting

Gone are the days when cables and wires would be sprawled all over the walls and floors of homes and offices. Entangled and bulky lines are visually unappealing and hazardous. People tend to trip over it. In other instances, liquids can accidentally get poured over the wires, or sharp objects can cut the cables.

Fortunately, TV wall mounting was introduced. It instantly eliminated the hassles and risks coupled with layering and looping endless wire extensions all over a home or office’s interior.

Mounting a TV on the wall holds appliances more securely and is therefore highly recommended by experts.

Moreover, TV owners can also install the mount on their own. Aside from increased security and safety, mounting your television on the wall saves more space too. As such, homeowners can add more furniture or decoration, while office owners can rearrange their workspace as they please.

With several tutorials and step-by-step guides available online, it isn’t that easy to choose a reference that provides just the right amount of information for such a task. This blog provides readers with four easy steps to securing a TV mount on the wall.

Before getting started with the mounting process, take note of these crucial requirements:

  • The placement of the TV— The area where the TV will be mounted should be located near an outlet, is approximately and conveniently at eye-level and is nowhere near surfaces that heat up quickly.
  • Check the instruction manual that comes with the equipment to ensure the right measurements and placements for the screws and the mount. Read through the television manual as well to check whether there are additional tools needed to keep the TV in place when positioned on the mount.
  • Prepare all the necessary tools and equipment for mounting the TV on the wall. Staying organized and equipped before installing the mount helps prevent possible accidents.

By keeping a close eye on the requirements mentioned above, a stable and successful TV wall mounting is achievable.

Here’s how to mount a television on the wall in four easy steps:

How To Mount A Television On The Wall

  1. Fasten the mount against the wall where the TV will be attached. While the mount is pressed against the wall’s surface, grab a pen and mark the areas where the studs should be placed. Make sure that the mount is also affixed flatly and straight before tracing a line along its outer margins. The holes on the bracket and the back of the television should be aligned.
  2. With the help of the studs, ensure that the mount is attached firmly and steadily.
  3. Remove each stud one by one and begin puncturing holes through the wall using a drill. The holes will provide placement for the screws to lock the mount against the surface.
  4. Once the mount is successfully attached, place the TV slowly on the mount. There are different sizes and types of TV mounts. The key is to ensure that the mount is attached to the wall correctly to keep the television from falling.

Don’t forget to consult the help of a professional for any additional concerns regarding the process and equipment involved in mounting a TV.

Aside from homes and offices, TV wall mounting is also ideal in restaurants and bars, and even in schools. It is a smart, hassle-free way of combining convenience, entertainment, and an efficient way to maximize big and small interior of any structure.


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