Twin Vs. Full Mattress: What Is Ideal For You


Twin Vs. Full Mattress

Are you planning to buy a new mattress and unsure what size suits you best? warns new bedding customers that mattresses come in various sizes, and sometimes, a few inches can create a significant difference.

Before buying one for you, make sure that you have calculated all your needs like space and comfort. If you don’t want a considerable size, then you may go for twin or full mattresses. And if you find it difficult to choose between twin vs. full bed, this article will help you as a guide. The main difference between the two is the variation in width. The mattresses are 75 inches long, but a double bed mattress is 15 inches broader than a twin mattress. Here we shall discuss some other parameters so that you buy the right fit.

Twin Vs. Full Mattress Dimensions

As stated, prior, the main difference between the two is the width. To help with understanding the difference, take a look at the mattress size comparison charts available. Below we have detailed the differences between the twin mattress size and full-sized mattresses to help you make an intelligent decision.

Standard Twin Mattress

When you decide upon a mattress, determine who would be lying on them and how much space do you have in your home to accommodate one.

You must choose a standard twin mattress, if:

  • You want the first bed for your kid to transfer from the crib mattresses.
  • You are planning to get a bunk bed for your kids
  • You want to buy an easily affordable mattress

You must opt for a twin XL mattress if:

  • You have a tall child, and a twin bed will be smaller
  • You have a studio apartment
  • You want hostel beds

You must go for a full mattress, if:

  • You want a bed for your child till they grow
  • You are a college graduate and shifting to a new place
  • You are an adult and living alone

A full XL mattress is ideal for you, if:

  • You are a couple and love to cuddle
  • You need extra leg space
  • You don’t have enough room for a queen or a king mattress.

Having selected the mattress size you need, you can proceed with other criteria like whether to have a synthetic mattress or an organic one. Whether you will buy an innerspring or foam mattress or a hybrid. Also, remember to avail mattress in a box with the benefits of white glove delivery services.


Standard Twin

A standard twin mattress is minor of all besides a crib mattress. A twin mattress measures 38 inches in width and 75 inches in length: they are small and compact and ideal for children and short adults.

Twin XL

This is slightly bigger than a twin mattress and measures about 38 inches by 80 inches long. Just being five inches longer than a twin and with a greater surface area, they are best suited for tall teenagers and adults who live in a small space. Twin XL is similar to a king-size or a queen mattress in length but less broad.

Full-Size Mattress

These double bed mattresses are broader than a twin bed but short by 5 inches. A full mattress measures about 53 inches in width and 74 inches in length. They are a great size to start your mattress shopping for young adults who live alone or recent graduates.

Full XL

They are similar to a standard full-size mattress but 5 inches longer.  They are ideal for tall adults for whom the basic full-size bed is slightly smaller.

Besides the dimension, other factors contributing to your decision are room space, accessories, price, accessories, and purpose of use.

Pros And Cons Of Buying A Twin Vs. Full-Size Mattress

The Pros And Cons Of A Twin Bed

Also known as a single bed, they are typically suited for kids who have grown out of the crib and ready to sleep on a bed.   The twin-sized mattress is ideal for guest rooms and kid’s rooms. They don’t take much space as well.


  • They can be moved easily.
  • Cheap in comparison to a full-size mattress
  • Ideal for small children
  • They can be used on bunk beds


  • Small for adults and teenagers
  • Kids will outgrow them in time
  • Less versatile than a full mattress

Due to their small dimension, twin beds are less pricey than double-sized beds. But they can be easily moved across. The drawback is that if your kid grows fast, then a twin mattress won’t suffice the purpose.

The Pros And Cons Of A Double-Sized Mattress

Also known as a full-sized bed, it perfectly suits a single sleeper who love s to roll and stretch when asleep. They are of the same length as the twin mattress,  but they are more comprehensive and popularly chosen for guest rooms, dorm rooms, and small apartments.


  • Best suited for tall adults and teenagers
  • They provide extra space in width
  • You can find numerous bed accessories for it.
  • They can be placed in guest rooms and small spaces as well.


  • They cost more than a twin mattress
  • They are less suited for couples
  • It cannot be easily moved

Uses Of Twin And Full-Size Mattress

If you have to get the first mattress for your child, you should go the twin size. They are ideal while transitioning your toddler from crib to bed.  If you have two kids and want them to share a bed, then the perfect purchase will be a twin bed.  They work well for bunk beds too. When your child grows into a teenager, you have to switch to a full mattress as a twin will be smaller.

Double-sized mattresses are ideal for adults who want to sleep alone with more space.  Also, they suit best for couples who love to sleep cuddling.


Want to learn more? You can do some self-research across the internet and also learn from other’s feedback and experiences. As buying a mattress is an investment, you must do it smartly.

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