Two Off-Plan Project In Dubai With Walking Trails


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Walking trails connect communities. Residents can walk across the community without running into traffic. These trails are for pedestrians only. Some walking trails give you awe-inspiring views of lakes or allow you to interact closely with nature on the way to your destination.

Landlords in Dubai will benefit from leasing an apartment in Dubai that is near a walking trail. The neighborhood views and natural wonders will attract tenants who want a peaceful life.

Here are two off-plan projects in Dubai with walking trails.

Stella Maris

With a name meaning “star of the sea,” Stella Maris is Dubai Marina’s tallest apartment tower. Residents here receive a marina berth. Most apartments in Stella Maris have floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows and marble floors. The marina berth, floors, and windows are all signs that the tenants that rent in Stella Maris are wealthy.

While Stella Maris is busy since it is the main attraction in Dubai Marina, there are ways for tenants to relax. Apartments will have a balcony. Residents will receive a valet service.

In the tower, residents can enjoy a barbecue picnic, play billiards in the game room, or relax at the spa. The gym has a steam room and sauna. Residents can reserve the movie theater in the tower or read a book in the study.

Tenants can relax outside their tower and will receive beach access. Residents can relax in the communal gardens, walk through the public park, or swim in public and private swimming pools. Finally, tenants can relax in the gazebo and the rooftop jacuzzi.

There are 12 off-plan apartments. The off-plan properties in Dubai have one, two, or three bedrooms. They will be ready in July 2022 and are selling quickly. If you think that your tenants would like the tower, you should purchase these apartments before someone else does.


Asayel in Umm Suqeim is for those who want a slower living pace. First, Madinat Jumeirah Living connects to the Madinat Jumeirah resort by an anair-conditioned footbridge. It is near the Burj Al Arab, the world’s only seven-star hotel. The apartments will have balconies.

There are many things that tenants can do in Asayel to relax. First, residents can have a picnic by the barbecue pits. They can breathe the fresh air in the private garden. Parents can have their children attend the nursery. Finally, tenants can bathe in the rooftop jacuzzi. Outside Asayel, there are public parks.

There are two off-plan apartments in Asayel. Both flats have one bedroom and will be ready in the 2nd quarter of 2023. The apartments here are limited, so you should purchase an apartment now while they are still available.


The designs of Asayel and Stella Maris are for two types of tenants. Stella Maris works best for those who like to socialize and want downtime to relax. Meanwhile, tenants who like a slower pace of life will enjoy Asayel.

If you are a landlord and want relaxed tenants, you can rent on too today!

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