Two Off-Plan Projects In Dubai With Golf Courses


Off-Plan Projects In Dubai

Golf courses are one of the sure signs of an affluent neighborhood. Golf is one of the sports of the wealthy. Rich celebrities and athletes often visit when the Professional Golf Association (PGA) holds their tournaments. Tickets to these events are expensive; only the wealthy can afford them. These annual tournaments make these neighborhoods prestigious.

Off-plan projects in Dubai, a city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), are perfect for landlords who wish to attract the wealthy. Untouched apartments with perks and golf courses with annual events will attract wealthy tenants to these neighborhoods. Here are two off-plan projects in Dubai that have golf courses.

Dubai Hills Estate

Dubai Hills Estate is a home project to the Dubai Hills Mall, the Dubai Hills Promenade, and the Dubai Hills Park. Golfers will enjoy the 18 holes of golf course. Downtown Dubai, a popular tourist destination, is close to the development. Finally, an airport and hospital are near Dubai Hills Estate.

Tenants receive maid, maintenance, and concierge services. Business and laundry services are on-premises. 24/7 security services keep residents safe. Apartments in Dubai Hills Estate come with a balcony and terrace, built-in wardrobes, a living room, and an open kitchen.

There are many sources of entertainment in Dubai Hills Estate. These sources include cafes, restaurants, and a shopping mall. A gym and shared swimming pool can be used for exercise, while the supermarket will help residents save money instead of dining out all the time. Residents can relax in the spa. There is a playground and pool for children. Finally, tenants can take pets for checkups at the veterinarian.

The only off-plan apartment in Dubai Hills Estate will be ready in March 2022. The price of this apartment is 1,050,000 AED. Rent for a two-bedroom apartment in Dubai Hills Estate is between 85,000 AED and 125,000 AED. It will take just under a decade to 13 years to profit from this property.

Akoya (DAMAC Hills)

Akoya (DAMAC Hills) is home to the prestigious Trump International Golf Club Dubai. Akoya (DAMAC Hills) has a polo club and clubhouse. Finally, tenants will receive a marina berth and a private garage.

Apartments in Akoya (DAMAC Hills) have marble floors and come with at least one balcony. The room is kept cool by central air. Residents can store their clothes in the built-in wardrobes. Residents put their belongings in the driver’s room, laundry room, maid’s room, and storage room. The kitchen is fully fitted and comes with white goods. Apartments with at least one bedroom have guest bathrooms. All apartments will have 24/7 maintenance. Some apartments come fully furnished. Finally, most apartments are broadband-ready.

There are other entertainment sources in Akoya (DAMAC Hills) besides golf and polo clubs. Residents can relax in the communal gardens, sauna, or steam room. The gym or swimming pool provides ways to exercise. Tenants can barbecue on the grills throughout the development. Parents send their children to the nursery or supervise them on the playgrounds. Akoya (DAMAC Hills) has many restaurants, coffee shops, and food trucks. Residents can visit the supermarket to save money on fine dining. Finally, the religious can attend the local mosque.

Construction on the apartments wrapped up in 2021. The price of the only studio apartment is 480,000 AED. Rent for a studio apartment in Akoya (DAMAC Hills) is between 25,000 AED and 45,000 AED. It will take over a decade to two decades to profit from this property.


The presence of golf courses means affluent neighborhoods. Celebrities only want to visit the best towns and communities possible while golfing. Golfing events bring an influx of tourist cash, which makes neighborhoods richer.

Dubai Hills Estate and Akoya (DAMAC Hills) are two communities with a golf course. Dubai Hills Estate is home to an 18-hole championship golf course, while Akoya (DAMAC Hills) is home to the Trump International Golf Club Dubai.

Landlords can profit from the properties in Dubai Hills Estate and Akoya (DAMAC Hills) in under two decades. Properties in these neighborhoods are limited – there is only one property in each. These off-plan apartments sell quickly. It would not be a sound real estate strategy to miss out on off-plan properties in Dubai that will have some of Dubai’s most reliable and wealthiest tenants.

If you are a landlord looking for reliant tenants who pay the rent on time, now is the best time to purchase apartments in off-plan projects in Dubai with golf courses today!

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