Ultra Modern Bathroom Decor Ideas

On May 28, 2014 by Abhijit Sarkar

Decor Bathroom

It is not easy to design and décor bathroom with powder space. You need to make a careful planning to make up with the space available and the design also stands trendy. There are countless ideas ranging from wall fittings to the glass tiles which help you to magnify the powdered space of your bathroom via clever layouts and designs.

Listed below are some ideas for making up with small bathrooms while designing the décor of the array.

Make Use of the Walls to Create Storage Space

Bathroom Storage Cabinet

It’s hard to fix sufficient storage area in the bathroom which doesn’t has enough large space particularly when floor area is reserved. But the issue can be easily sorted out with the wall shelves which stand leaning to the wall. Create such shelves which can be shifted when required and will also provide extra valuable space for toiletries and towels.

Choose a Compact Bath

Compact Bathroom Design

Nowadays there are number of luxury models for compact freestanding bath that not only hold a luxurious design but also have been designed to sort out the purpose for the compact bathrooms. The length of such bath is shorter than a standard one but feature comfy depth which will offer you with a relaxing soak.

Create a Clever Bathroom Layout

Clever Bathroom Layout

There are many layouts which do not stand right to be installed in the area which has shortage in the space. So take enough quality time to plan the layout so that you can maximize the potential space of your bathroom. You can fix the bath set under the lowest point of the ceiling but this will only solve the purpose is you so not prefer stand up showers. So you need to plan up things accordingly which not only sorts out your purpose but also sticks with the luxury.

Create a Storage Wall

Bathroom Storage Wall

You may create a storage wall instead of cluttering the tight space of your bathroom. For example the wall can be turned into a shelf, a cupboard or even it can be used to fit a laundry basket .But you need to plan a storage wall from the beginning you can create it later in a finished array. The storage wall can be also created by mixing different sizes and types of storage racks on one wall which will free up the rest of the room’s floor and give a less chaotic feel. Create a mix match of open shelves with small drawers for toiletries and hooks for towels and robes. Don’t miss any opportunity to add storage space for everything including for the mirror.

Go for the White Gloss Furniture

White Gloss Bathroom FurnitureThe white ceramic furniture does a great job to give a magnificence illusion to your bathroom. But keep in mind that only white ceramic won’t solve the purpose the furniture must be so that it bounces light which will create an illusion of a big space around. So install white gloss furniture and counter-tops in your decor. The white gloss splash back with added storage shelves and mirror maximizes a sense of space.

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