Unique Interior Decor Ideas With Wood Flooring


Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring is the most popular type of flooring that people install in their homes. It has a very natural look and feels to it, which adds warmth to any room. Solid wood floors are also easy to maintain because they do not stain easily and can be treated with just water or other cleaning solutions. In this blog post, we will share some tips on how you can decorate your interior with solid wood flooring!

  1. Pick A Complementary Color Palette:

Solid wood flooring works well with pastels and solid colors. Darker woods look great in rooms decorated in more muted colors or natural tones, such as beiges, grays, tans, and greens. Lighter woods work best when paired with brighter solid paints – yellows, blues, oranges, and reds. Soft solid woods look good with lighter solid colors, while more contrasting solid wood floors work well with brighter solid paints.

  1. Play With Your Furniture And Accessories:

solid wood flooring is the perfect surface to play with color and texture. Add solid wooden furniture or accessories for a natural look, while sleek metal fixtures can make your solid floors pop! Make sure that you keep colors in one direction: if all of the items are solid neutrals, choose white as an accent color. If there is a mix of solid neutrals and solid colors, choose one color family as your dominant hue. Try pairing solid wood floors with solid furniture for an earthy look that is reminiscent of the outdoors.

  1. Add Rugs To The Floor:

The solid color of a rug can provide contrast to solid colors on the floor, like an accent or neutral. If your solid wood floor has dark undertones and lighter top tones, try adding a beige rug for more warmth and depth. A similar effect is achieved by pairing light furniture with brown rugs. If the wood floor has light undertones and darker top tones, try adding a dark rug for contrast, or go with a white one to keep it neutral. A similar effect is achieved by pairing brown furniture with black rugs.

  1. Use Textures:

Wood is a natural, earthy material that will look great with rugs and wood furniture. If you want to explore textures on your flooring, try vinyl floors or bamboo for an exotic feel.

  1. Light Up The Room:

Make your wood floors the centre of attention by adding a rug or furniture with bright colors. Bring in natural light through windows and skylights to make your room more luminous. Use floor lamps, standing lamps, wall sconces, or table lamps for ambient lighting that will create shadows on walls and ceilings, which creates a cozy, warm ambiance.


The implementation of wood flooring has been a popular trend in interior decor for decades, and it is sure to stay that way. This versatile material can add warmth, beauty, personality, and elegance to any home or office environment, as well as provide the perfect backdrop when designing with color schemes such as earth tones or pastels. By simply adding a few new pieces of furniture, a few plants, and hanging some art on the wall, you can completely change the feeling in your space.

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