Unique Ways Decorative Mirror Upgrade A Room (Infographic)


Unique Ways Decorative Mirror Upgrade A Room Infographic

Mirrors can act as a replacement to accentuate the interior of a room; it can brighten up the mood and add a refreshing touch wherever you place it. The benefits of combining the mirror to your household are to bring variety and style, for it expresses individual style and taste. Mirrors are known for it’s a trick to coincide with other pieces in a homeowner’s house, according to designer Amy Bubier. It may seem expensive, but there are different types of mirrors that you can install. Different decorative mirrors are produced, with different looks, styles, and functions, namely: backlit, designer, and framed.

Looking into the different mirror styles that you can choose, here are some prominent styles that you might consider in your home:

  • Backlit Mirrors – The backlit mirror is one of the most popular mirror types. This type of mirror is installed in bathrooms, which uses LED lighting tubes that sit behind the mirror, outlining its perimeter.
  • Designer Mirrors – Designer mirrors are mirrors specially made to be an accent piece in any room. It can be designed as elaborately or as simply, depending on the preference of the buyer.
  • Framed Mirrors – Framed mirrors are to be taken in its most literal sense; it is a mirror enclosed a frame for more artistic value. The structures vary from the material, design, size, etc.

There a lot of reasons why one should install a decorative mirror inside their home; one is by creating a double space feature within the different rooms inside your house. Mirrors reflect light, and once it bounces, it gives the illusion of a much bigger space, without moving the walls further. Another benefit of installing decorative windows inside your house is by uplifting the mood within the rooms. Mirrors can also increase the brightness of a room, because of its property to let the light bounce in all corners of the room. Putting up mirrors in a dim home or a poorly-lit room is one way of strategically bringing in more light without additional light fixtures, hence without a higher utility bill.

To further discuss the tips and importance of installing decorative mirrors to upgrade a room, kindly check the infographic below created by Accent.


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