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Home design is something that changes all the time. Several modern design features have already made waves over the last couple of years, with more expected to add further wrinkles to the home design industry.

For example, 28% of Americans say colourful statement art is a vital interior design feature. Other contemporary design features to make waves include incorporating natural elements and smart furniture.

With this in mind, what are some of the 2023 home design trends we can expect to see?

  1. Gothic Interiors

Goth may have fallen by the wayside over the last 15 years, but it’s returning in a big way. Décor lovers are taking inspiration from traditional gothic aesthetics to create moody and dramatic interiors.

Of course, gothic doesn’t have to mean turning everything black. It can also mean bringing traditional, antique furniture into your home alongside other elements.

A fireplace can cast those long shapely shadows over a room to create an intimate, atmospheric space. If your home doesn’t have one, then consulting a hearth & fireplace installer should be your next step.

Even without the budget for such a big renovation, adding some candles is another way of creating a gothic ambience on a smaller scale.

  1. Beautiful Browns

Nature-inspired spaces have become a big trend in 2022. However, due to the chaos occurring throughout the world, practically every major paint brand is gearing up for shades of brown to become the top colour of 2023.

Earthy, warm browns are designed to calm and take the title of the hottest colour palette of the year. So, bring some mid-tone browns into your home to create your oasis.

  1. Cute Coquette

Your home has a limited time to make a great first impression. Firstly, most studies indicate you have seven seconds to make a solid impression, and the same goes for your home. The cute coquette is a trend that has arisen from the smooth girl movement.

The smooth girl aesthetic originated in Africa and has gradually made its way to Western countries. But what does it actually mean in home décor circles?

In short, look for delicate wallpaper with pastel-coloured tones, white furniture, and gilded mirrors. The vibe is best enjoyed with some soft indie music playing in the background. Just be careful about erring into a world of bubblegum pop. The smooth girl aesthetic doesn’t have to mean decorating your home like a five-year-old girl.

  1. Dark Academia

On the other side of the spectrum is dark academia. In contrast to the smooth girl look, dark academia is a trip back to the past.

Think academia, and people imagine massive bookshelves, a roaring fire, and dark interiors. But, on the contrary, the hallmarks of dark academia are rich tones on the wall, dark wood furniture, and lots of books to fill up a home office.

If opting for dark academia, consider some custom bookshelves. Dark woods like ebony are ideal for this type of furniture to really complete the look.

  1. Gallery Walls

Gallery walls are coming back as homeowners re-examine the items in their homes. The drive toward personalization rather than conformity has left people looking to decorate their homes with things that mean something to them.

Using gallery walls in your home is an excellent way to dominate a room with a memorable focal point. But it’s also easy to fill empty wall space and a more cost-effective alternative to buying a large piece of art.

Decorate with thrift or vintage frames and fill your wall with colours, designs, and special moments from your life.

  1. Kitschy Kitchens

Vintage art is a retro trend that has made a comeback over the last couple of years. This year, expect to see kitschy making a return to kitchen design.

Colourful Pyrex kitchenware harkens back to the 1970s and can incorporate whatever colour reflects your mood.

The kitchens of 2023 are expected to look cute and adorable rather than the utilitarian looks that have dominated home décor in recent times.

  1. 1970s Décor

The styles and fashions of the 1970s have also made a comeback. With Taylor Swift and Harry Styles embracing the aesthetic in their performances throughout the year, the same trend is also coming into home design.

Think modular furniture low to the ground, earthy colour palettes, and bold, wild patterns that define an era.

It doesn’t have to mean copying the living room of your grandparents. Instead, use it as an inspiration for some contemporary-made designs.

  1. Terrazzo Tile

Terrazzo tile is a composite material consisting of marble, granite, or glass chips. These stunning floor and wall treatments are popping up in more and more kitchens and bathrooms, with 2023 expected to be a blockbuster year for this material.

Terrazzo doesn’t always have to be flashy. Choose from subdued monochromes, or make a room pop with some sprinkle-coloured splashes. It’s a unique tile that can make a devastating impression on any house guest.

Be aware that terrazzo does tend to steal the thunder of a room, so make sure it’s the star of the show and not a supporting actor. Use it the wrong way, it can make a room look bewildering and chaotic.


Gothic, smooth girl and terrazzo are just some of the trends home interior designers are expecting to see in 2023. Staying trendy doesn’t have to mean trying to incorporate every type of trend into your home.

Instead, think about what resonates with you and work from there. Your home is your castle, and the priority is creating a comfortable place to spend your time.

What’s the 2023 home interior design trend that speaks to you the most?

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