Updating Your Kitchen Lighting Fixtures

On July 17, 2015 by Himanshu Shah

Although summer time might seem a funny time to be thinking about your light fittings – there’s never a bad time to plan your next kitchen remodel and planning in advance gives you all the more time to find the perfect fixtures for you. We spend so much time these days in our kitchens and making the most of them makes sense not only from a lifestyle point of view but also from the perspective of adding value to your property. This is exactly the type of advice that those involved in kitchen refurbishment Leicester will give.

Kitchen Lighting Fixtures

There are so many light fixtures from which you’ll have the luxury to choose and imprint your own style on your kitchen. These include chandeliers, recessed lighting, under-cabinet lighting, mini pendants, track lighting and elegant, brimful of character hanging pot racks. A nice shade hanging low over a breakfast bar can look wonderful and is a way of introducing colour as well as making a statement. There can be so many options that the problem is deciding where and how to make a start. Of course much will be dependant on your personal taste and the existing style of your kitchen, unless of course your fixtures update comes hand in hand with a complete kitchen overhaul. Do you have a coherent theme in your kitchen? Is it a city style or contemporary kitchen, a small kitchenette or a large country kitchen diner complete with range? Is your favoured theme industrial with cold whites, greys and silvers or a more homely feel with traditional and even antique features?

Kitchen Remodeling Tips

The functionality of your kitchen must also be considered. Do you have a clear food preparation area like an island? If so, even if you favour recessed lighting throughout the kitchen you can opt for a trio of beautiful pendant lights over the island for a trendy, functional touch. Do you eat your meals in the kitchen or do any paperwork and computer work? If the latter is true then remember computers have their own lights, so it’s the paper that requires illumination. A handy fluorescent task light is a good option.

Kitchen Lighting

Lighting the spaces above and below the cabinets has become increasingly desirable. Available in slim, energy-efficient models like miniature track lights or low-voltage linear systems, under and over-cabinet lighting is a great way to illuminate counter tops and cabinet recesses and also accents ceilings. On the subject of accenting it may be the case that you have some favourite pieces of art, posters, decorative plates or even a photo wall in your kitchen that you need to light up. This can be achieved wonderfully with recessed light fixtures or directed track lighting. As you can see, there is a light fixture for every occasion and with a little research and perhaps some expert advice you can achieve a whole lot by overhauling your kitchen lighting.

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