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We spend 60 percent of our day in a workspace, consumed with work, interacting with colleagues, having lunches together, and much more. With such a heavy percentage of the day being spent at a workspace, it is necessary to ensure that we keep the work environment holistically uplifted. Researchers have proven that having a clean workspace can improve productivity by a larger percent.

Therefore, we need to think about our office spaces by walking in the shoes of the employees and asking as to what is it would pass as an ideal workspace environment?

An office is one type of space where this cleanliness is essential. The office has a constant flow of people doing a variety of activities every day of the week. This amount of activity and footfall is bound to create a mess. While employees of the workspace can and should maintain a certain level of personal hygiene and keep their immediate surroundings clean, other tasks such as sweeping, mopping, wiping, and dusting should be left in the hands of the professionals.

Why Is It Important For One To Work Within A Clean Environment?

Workplace Clean Environment

There are many physical and psychological benefits to a clean office space. Let’s look into them in detail!

  1. A Clean Space Is A Happy Space

Maintaining general cleanliness can be extremely uplifting for one’s spirits. Walking into a messy office can definitely lower the mood and motivation of a worker, and a clean space would do the opposite!

  1. Health And Sanitation

Messy office spaces tend to attract unwanted bacteria, fungus, and insects. This can be extremely dangerous and unsanitary for the workers. Additionally, there can be an accumulation of dust. Dust can heavily affect the air quality and cause major breathing and lung problems if there is prolonged exposure. Hence, cleaning out trash and dusting spaces will rid all of these issues and create a safe and healthy environment to work within.

Regular cleaning can permanently avoid issues like this to come up. As an employer, they must ensure the safety and health of their employees and should not have to be liable for any health risks that may be caused due to negligence.

  1. Increased Productivity

As mentioned above, a clean space produces happy people. This type of environment motivates and drives workers to work better and efficiently. Working around a clean and organized space also majorly increases the efficiency of an office. For example, neatly organized papers in the correct locations can cut down on time spent searching for them.

Another example would be, working at a table that has recently been wiped clean gives the worker the drive to maintain this cleanliness during his day and motivates him to continue his work. Hence employers should get their offices regularly cleaned to ensure efficiency and positive working spirits.

  1. Appearance

The cleanliness and hygiene of an office reflect upon the company’s morals and work ethic. To visitors who may come to the office, it is essential to leave a good impression on them, and a messy office does the opposite of that.

Clean offices portray a level of professionalism and class that all offices must exemplify and must have a welcoming atmosphere.

Why Shouldn’t You Clean Your Office On Your Own?

After knowing the benefits of having a clean space, one might think that it’s easy to keep our work areas clean? But how can you ensure that it is cleaned the proper way? Many times, when we clean, we only look at the surfaces from a macro perspective, but what we fail to observe is the microsystem of our workspaces.

Here are a few reasons why cleaning your office on your own is probably not the best idea.

  • A single individual can’t take up the task of cleaning the space with other commitments on hand.
  • Employees who are preoccupied with work shouldn’t have to do the job of cleaning, as they expect a clean environment from their employer.
  • The cleaning done by people who are not professionals may not do a good job. They may not clean all the required spaces and may end up not removing all the trash, dirt, dust, and grime that may have accumulated.
  • Many harmful microorganisms are set to be accumulated, which can only be cleaned through the right equipment. Sometimes, these surfaces can create a health hazard if they are not looked after periodically.

Why Office Cleaning Services Is The Right Call!

Professional Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning in Victoria BC

#1 Quality Of Service Through Office Cleaning Services

Professionally getting your office cleaned would ensure a job well done. Professional cleaners know how and where to clean, as well as know what exactly they do/ processes they need to follow to get the work done.

This results in an office that is spotlessly cleaned in all aspects such as the floor, ceiling, walls, furniture, etc. They also have the necessary equipment, such as cleaning detergents, mops, brooms, fresheners, vacuums, and dryers, that will help them do their job quicker and better.

#2 Consistency

Professional cleaners are very consistent with their work, and if hired regularly, can repeatedly produce a very clean office. The professionals will also have the added advantage of getting used to the space they clean and can become very fast and efficient in doing so.

#3 Time-Saving

Outsourcing the office cleaning services to professionals who know what they are doing can majorly cut down on time margins. They will finish thoroughly cleaning the entire space within no time and can also be hired according to the convenience of the employer.

#4 Cost Saving

Cleaning by yourself takes more time and money to do, and as mentioned above, you may not do a good job. Investing in professional cleaners will rid you of additional investments like buying cleaning supplies (mops, detergents, vacuums), hiring additional cleaning personnel, and more.

As an employer, you also cannot ask your staff to clean the space comprehensively. In getting professional help, your staff can focus more on their professional work rather than additional work and increase their productivity. This can be financially beneficial to you.

#5 Save Up!

Getting the office cleaning services ensures a long life of the furniture, decor, and other elements of the office. Regular cleaning prevents rotting, termites, erosion, and breaking of different furniture and appliances that would save large amounts from being spent in the future to replace these different elements.

For example, getting the microwave cleaned regularly can ensure its workability for many years together.

There are so many parts to an office. The workspaces, reception, toilets, pantries, and storerooms, and thankfully, professional office cleaning can ensure the tidiness of all these spaces. To know more about the professional services for office cleaning – https://www.luceoffice.sg/services/office-cleaning.

A Quick Step-by-step Guide To Getting Office Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning Services

One might assume that hiring a professional take on office cleaning services can indeed be a tricky task. But that’s not true; you can hire experts in a matter of minutes. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can get your very own office cleaning services at ease. 

Step #1: Book the appointment and mention the size of the office, spaces you need to be cleaned, what kind of cleaning, and what are the current issues the office is facing.

Step #2: The company will enlist professionals and quote the price.

Step #3: The professional cleaners will show up at the office at the scheduled time that is convenient for you and do a fabulous job!

At the end of these three short steps, you will have an office space that’s as good as new. A great feature is that these steps can be followed multiple times, where you can book multiple or recurring appointments to get the work done.

Hence, professional office cleaning services are the best way to ensure a safe, healthy and productive workspace. Mentally, it keeps the moral, spirits, happiness, and motivation of the employees while physically, it keeps away potential health hazards that may be caused by a dirty environment. Additionally, as mentioned above, there are many other benefits to getting your office cleaned that would directly or indirectly affect the working, longevity, and success of your company.

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