Urban Spotlight: Ideas For Decorating With A More Modern Vibe


Urban Spotlight

Night after night, most people come home to the same drably decorated home, perhaps thinking that someday they’ll redecorate it to stay afloat with modern times. Well, “Someday” is here! It’s time to stop procrastinating and start the redecoration process. With thousands of different ideas from decoration magazines, home restoration television shows, and retail store advertisements, it’s understandably confusing to find good, clear ideas to redecorate homes with a more modern look. These tips can give you an excellent place to start.


Urban Spotlight Ideas for Decorating with a More Modern Vibe

Modern design trends typically will have a color or color palette that pops. Gone are the days of earth tones, pale colors, and pastels – today is the time when “wow” colors dominate. Typical colors may include red, blue, or green. It may take some adjustment for those used to more subtle coloring, but bright, intense colors will soon become a breath of fresh air.

If using bright colors doesn’t seem like it would fit into the general vibe of a home, then another alternative is to use a dual color palette or two colors. Stripes alternating between bright colors and pastel or white make any room look fresher, cleaner, and brighter.

Dual-color palettes are also popular because they can make the rest of the room seem more cohesive. Solid-painted walls will typically go with other solid-colored furnishings, but with two colored walls, the remainder of the room should match those colors (or a third similar color, such as pastel blue with bright blue and white). These kinds of rooms are what is typically exhibited in home decoration magazines, with striped walls and matching tables, couches, and place settings.


Urban Spotlight Ideas

Color is the way to make a big first impression, but furniture is the substance of any room. For those who may cringe at the thought of a green couch or have pets (which make dark-colored furniture a challenge due to pet hair), there are other options. For bright colors, white furniture will rarely be wrong. For households that generally cannot keep white furniture white (whether due to children, pets, or something else), earth-toned furniture may be a good alternative. Dark browns offer an elegant, regal look and will likely still look good even with a brightly colored background.

When searching for furniture, it may be helpful to choose a theme. For example, the industrial or futuristic look is rapidly growing in popularity. This theme typically features a solid white or black base with chrome and metal furnishings, perhaps with unusual cubic shapes. Find a store like The Dump that has a lot of different options you can choose from.

Whether a room needs a little touch-up or an entirely new makeover, a modern or urban look can drastically increase that wow factor. Instead of thinking about someday redecorating, take the first steps now to breathe a happy sigh soon every time you walk through the door.

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