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One interior design trend that is reigning this 2021 will continue to reign the future and the creative use of pastel colors. This trend is making its presence felt across branding schemes, websites, social media channels, fashion, and, most importantly, interior decoration.

However, before understanding this trend, it is essential for us, homeowners, to understand what’s pastel. It is any color with sufficient white blended into it, so it looks soft and pale while its colorful personality is still maintained.

Pale colors making their way into the pastel category this season are whimsy yellow, light azure, millennial pink, and creamy white. There’s something quite comforting in these colors, and they will make your interiors feel cozier and more relaxed.

Below, you will find some exclusive pastel color designs that will surely inspire your interior creations. No, don’t worry; they will certainly keep your interiors looking modern and sophisticated.

Rediscovering The Charm Of Pastel Palette In The Interiors

Pastel Color Palette

Gone are the days when baby blue for the boys pink for the girls was the only way pastels could be used fashionably in homes. Pastels were once associated only with women and children.

But the use of pastel colors has now emerged with bright contrasting colors and bold black, making a strong design statement. The modern interiors of these times can easily be transformed by adding pastel touches to textiles and even furniture. A complete makeover for the interiors can easily be achieved with the use of pastels.

Make The Big Changes

It would be a great idea to accessorize their rooms with pastel color blends for the ones looking to keep their walls in subtle white color. How about putting up beautiful furniture and making it appear chic with cushions in pastel color?

Yet another good idea would be getting a sofa in a pastel pink hue. This would add to the drama created by the use of cushions.

Create Relaxing Interiors With Pastel Shades

Interiors With Pastel Shades

The lighter shades of pastel are quite relaxing and soothing to the eyes. They give a different kind of appeal to spaces. Bedrooms, bathrooms, and even sitting rooms can be perfect for using textiles, decorative décor, and bedding in soft colors.

If you are looking to offer a masculine edge to the private rooms in your home, try blending dark-colored hard surfaces like darker color countertops and tiles along with hardwood floors for creating the perfect balance among the two varied color spectrums.

Eating In Pastels Will Be A Great Idea

If you are bent on pasteurizing your entire home, it would be better to give the dining and the kitchen a completely different look with pastels. If you have a room made completely out of wood, go for something that makes it appear soothing.

One thing that will work for you here is introducing ceramics in pastel color. Yet another way of using pastel colors in the house would be to restrict the kitchen and make it modular with pastel palettes. At present, modern kitchens feature more pastel blue shades.

Choose The Perfect Wood Finishes For Complimenting Pastel Interiors

One of the essential pastel colors features is that they easily blend with different natural materials like wooden floors, wood paneling, seagrass, and rattan. If you are looking to compliment the pastel décor in your home, go for woods in lighter colors like white oak, lighter maple, and bamboo.

For a bit of contrast in the interiors, go for rick cherry wood that looks simply gorgeous with peach and pink colors. You can also try deep brown or mahogany stains with pastel blue, green, or yellow. This will indeed create stunning contrast.

Go For Some Layering

Ok, so the cushion thing has already been explained. In the same way, layering up the pieces of furniture in your home with colorful soft furnishings can help change the game altogether.

For example, you can layer the flooring of your home with a rug in a soft hue and, at the same time, throw a soft-colored rug on the sofa. In the same way, you can layer the bed using pastel cushions.

Proper layering solves varied purposes in modern interior designs. Layering also offers a warm and chic appearance to rooms.

Remember: Pastels Are Not For Only One Style

If you think that pastels are for the ones with feminine style likings or are only for the young, you are wrong. If you pair turquoise, soft air blue, or navy blue in a bedroom bedding set, it will give a masculine appearance to the entire room.

Always keep in mind that pastel palettes help in creating depth when combined with bolder colors and patterns. You can use them in the form of accents with other dominant hues or make pastel colors the focal point altogether.

Leave The Common Pastel Pink

Ditching the most common pastel pink color will surely help you give your interiors an exclusive and soothing appearance. You can go for shades of purple or lavender instead. Even these pastel colors work great when it comes to creating a dreamy room.

And when these shades of purple and lavender are blended with colors pink or white or certain woody tones, they move on to create Heaven on Earth.

No, going for everything purple is not necessary. Simply accentuate the appearance of your home interior with the perfect mixing and matching. A simple pop of bright purple here and there will surely offer a wonderful appeal to your kids’ bedroom, especially your princess’ bedroom.

Combine Pastels With Brights

It might not sound interesting to combine the soft grey color with bold blue bedding. However, when grey is combined with white pillows and brightly colored textiles, it is difficult for the onlooker to ignore this appearance.

However, it is essential to ensure the perfect balance of this manly design scheme simply by picking a similar color for a few more accessories across the room.


With all information on the use of the pastel color palettes in the interior design of your home coming your way, it will get easier for you to create a pastel paradise all by yourself.

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  1. My aunt asked me for ideas on how to spice up her living room before inviting her friends for a party. I love your suggestion of investing in relaxing and soothing interior colors. Maybe we should get her home interior repainted by a professional before the event!


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