Use Plastic Packaging To Decorate Your Home


Plastic Packaging For Home Decor

These days, it seems like almost everything comes in plastic packaging. Americans alone have already generated an estimated 35.7 million tons of plastic!

Although recycling programs are becoming more popular, you may wonder what else you can do with all the plastic you generate. The good news is that you can use plastic retail packaging in various creative ways.

With a bit of creativity, you can turn plastic packaging into beautiful decor for your house.

Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint and learn how to turn your trash into treasure? Read on to learn how to use plastic packaging as decorations in this handy guide!

Plastic Retail Packaging Is Everywhere

Plastic is a necessity in our daily lives. We need it to package many of the items that we need daily.

Recycling is one way that you can reuse plastic. Even though this seems like a good idea, in theory, it is more expensive to recycle plastic than it is to make it new. As a result, people don’t recycle much plastic each year.

The pandemic didn’t help the world use less plastic. Due to so many people staying at home, people were ordering more things online and had them delivered. Many of these items came wrapped in plastic.

Although plastic packaging is essential, a lot of the plastic that we use ends up as trash. There are over 6.3 billion tons of plastic trash in the world today.

Repurposing Plastic Packaging

Plastic doesn’t have to have a one-way ticket to a landfill. With a little imagination, you can turn plastic retail packaging into the decor to go with any style.


You probably have a plastic bottle or two lying around your house ready for the recycle bin. But, before you toss it, consider using it for one of these home decorating ideas.


You’ll need two two-liter bottles, an Exacto knife, and paint to make this decoration. Cut the bottle about two inches from the top using your Exacto knife. The candle will sit in the mouth of the bottle.

Paint the cut top and decorate it using beads, ribbon, or other decorations. Your candlesticks will make a great addition to your living room decorations!


This project is both sustainable and helps reduce plastic waste! All you need to make planters is a plastic two-liter soda bottle, scissors, glue, and rope.

Cut the two-liter soda bottle about five inches from the bottom. Starting at the base, wind the rope around the bottle, gluing along the way until you get to the top.

Fill your new creation with soil, rocks, and a plant. You’ll have a lively, unique decoration that is perfect for any room of your house!

Jewelry Stand

Decorating bedrooms with plastic doesn’t have to be impossible with this practical decoration! If you turn a two-liter bottle over, you’ll find that the shape resembles a flower. You’ll cut the flower bottom part off of four bottles for this project.

You’ll also need a 12-inch piece of threaded rod and a bag of washers and nuts that will fit the rod. A drill and sandpaper will also come in handy.

Drill a hole the same size as the threaded rod in the bottom of all four bottle bottoms. Sand the rough-cut edges with sandpaper until they are smooth.

Using the washers and nuts, assemble your stand to make the flowers about three inches apart. The bottom flower petal should be facing down so that the stand can stay up on its own. Fill your new stand with your jewelry and admire your handiwork!

Wall Pocket Storage

If you have sturdy shampoo or lotion bottles that need new life, try out this decor project! Peel the label off the bottle and give it a good cleaning. Using a permanent marker, draw out a design that curves up by the mouth and leaves an open circle for hanging.

Using an Exacto knife, carefully cut your pattern out. Using sandpaper, sand around the edges to make them smooth. Your wall pocket storage is now ready to hand and fill with your trinkets.

You can keep your pocket storage undecorated for a minimalist look or decorate it to match your other decor.

Plastic Food Containers

Using recycled plastic packaging in your home decor is an excellent option if your decoration budget is limited. Food containers are another great type of plastic packaging you can reuse as decor.

Storage Boxes

Plastic packaging comes in many different shapes and sizes. A packaging made of materials like thermoformed plastic is durable yet light. Take advantage of these qualities and use these plastic containers as decorative storage.

All you need to transform this type of plastic is paint and a little imagination! The first step is washing your plastic containers. Once you have done that, make sure they are dry and ready to paint.

Paint your container with two coats of your favorite color paint. Then, decorate your containers with scrapbook paper, gems, or fun designs. You’ll be storing your goods in style!

Gift Boxes

For a functional decoration, add a bow to the top of your painted plastic container. You can give your presents in these cute, sustainable boxes. The gift recipient can then use these containers to store their own house. 

Plastic Packaging Decor Is Eco-Friendly And Stylish!

Using plastic retail packaging as decoration for your house has multiple benefits. This practice is good for the environment and can be an excellent way to add interest to your home.

With a few extra materials and a little time, you can turn your plastic packaging into something you love!

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