Use Splashbacks to Keep Your Interiors Clean and Sparkling


Nowadays, large panels behind the sink and oven can be seen to protect the wall from splashes of food or liquid like oil and water. Glass or stainless steel is usually used to make Splashbacks, and they are used in place of tiles. In the kitchen, the area behind the oven or sink tends to get pretty dirty and sticky due to moisture and dust. The Splashbacks are used to protect that area from being filthy. This is a beautiful part of the kitchen interior too. Various designs and colors are available in Splashbacks.

One can change the look of the interior by using glass or stainless steel Splashbacks. It is a modern alternative for the tile that is traditionally used in the kitchen walls. These are custom made and can be fixed according to the available space and décor. The popularity of such decoration is increasing because of its numerous benefits.

  1. Easy installation is the first thing that has made Splashbacks quite popular. Glass or stainless steel Splashbacks are manufactured in such a way that these have pre-bored holes in them and so can be fixed to the wall in minutes. Tiles take quite a lot of time, material, and labor to attach, but Splashbacks have no such elaborate process. Installing them is easy and quick.
  1. The variety that the Splashbacks offer is astonishing. Various colors are also available in glass Splashbacks. One can select any color and get customized protection behind their sink or oven. This gives you the liberty to decorate your kitchen according to you your taste. Printed or etched glasses are also available in Splashbacks.

White Contemporary Kitchen with Island

  1. The glass or stainless steel Splashbacks are known for their durability. There is no doubt that stainless steels are durable and are protected from rust. The glass that is used in such covering is made from toughened glass, and these are very long-lasting. Such glasses can endure scratches, bangs, etc. The kitchen is an area where a lot of heat is produced. The toughened glass can withstand the amount of heat that is produced near the gas. Glass Splashbacks can cope with more than 300 degrees Celsius temperature. The best thing is that the glass and stainless steel both are fireproof.
  1. Splashbacks are a very modern concept, and since these can be customized, one can use various types of light fittings as a part of their kitchen decoration. LED lights can be fixed to give brilliant effects. The glass gives a diffusing effect, and it looks highly stylish and modern.
  2. The most important part of the kitchen is cleaning. Splashbacks are very easy to clean. One needs a small mop and a spray to clean all the stains off. There is no need for hard and long hours of scrubbing.
  1. As these can be custom made, one can get a Splashbacks of any size and shape. No matter how big or small the kitchen is, one can have any design to suit their requirements. This helps to decorate the kitchen in any way one wants. This does not look out of place and rather heightens the beauty of the kitchen.
  1. A kitchen is a place that can get dirty and become unhygienic for everyone. As the Splashbacks can be cleaned very easily, there is almost no chance of having an unhygienic kitchen. Since these have a flat surface, the chances of having hidden germs or bacteria are almost none. Splashbacks are meant for a healthy and safe kitchen.

People who look for a modern alternative of tiles opt for Splashbacks for the numerous benefits that these offers.

Another great design idea for small kitchens is to add a kitchen splashback. Acrylic splashbacks are modern, quick to install and easy to clean. They’re also much stronger than their glass counterparts.

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  1. Easy installation is great when it comes to additions to your kitchen. I’ve been looking for ways to help add nice decoration to my kitchen to make it more pleasing to look at. Maybe I should see what options I have for glass splashbacks near me.

  2. My husband and I are remodeling our kitchen and we are looking for a glass splashback that will help with design and practicality. We love how you talked about how glass splashbacks are very durable and are protected from rust. These tips will be useful as we search for a professional to get a splashback from.

  3. I like how you said that glass provides a modern alternative for traditional tile backsplashes. My husband and I want to do some remodeling in our vacation home’s kitchen within the next few months. We want it to look as modern as possible, so I think having a glass splashback installed would be a good idea!

  4. Wow, I love how easy it is to clean kitchen splashbacks with just a simple mop or spray and that they are extremely customizable with different types of lights like LEDs. My wife loves to cook and she was telling me yesterday how she doesn’t like the look of our kitchen. I think I’ll surprise her for our anniversary by having it remodeled and have a kitchen splashback placed in it with different LED lights that she can control.

  5. My favorite part of this article was when you mentioned that all it takes is some cleaner and mop to clean off a splashback. It seems like splashbacks are very useful for preventing grease from getting all over your walls when you are cooking meats. I would think that stains would be harder to clean if they get absorbed into a wall.

  6. Thanks for pointing out that glass splashbacks can make your home’s kitchen more hygienic. I want to maintain the hygiene of my kitchen, so I’m thinking about buying some glass splashbacks for it soon. I’m going to look for a reputable business in my area that can sell me some glass splashbacks.


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