Useful And Quick Staircase Design Guide


Staircase Design Guide

Whether you’re building a new house, converting a loft, or redesigning a hallway, you will need to include a new staircase in your design. If this if your first time tackling stairs, you may feel overwhelmed. These tips will help ensure your new staircase is safe, secure, and within budget.

Consider The Following:

The final cost of a staircase will vary greatly depending on the design and amount of work involved. If you already have stairs in the area and just want to renovate, your cost will be less than if you need to build a staircase from scratch.

Basic DIY kits run between £200 and £300. However, hiring a contractor will most likely start at about £2,000. Of course, this number will vary depending on the quality of materials used. Moreover, if you want to add under stair storage, it may also increase the budget.

If you need to reposition or design a new staircase, it’s best to hire an architect. While you could do it yourself, this project involves knocking down walls. One wrong move could affect the structural integrity of your home. The cost will depend once again on the complexity and materials. Plywood runs around £200, but a bespoke staircase can reach upwards £20,000 0r more.

Staircase Construction 

Once you have a design in hand, you can begin construction. However, always make sure you get the proper building permissions. Building regulations oversee these projects to ensure your stairs are safe, sturdy, and functional.

Dimensions are of the utmost importance. You need to have an accurate measurement of the total rise. With this measurement, you can plan for the right number of each. The pitch cannot extend past 42 degrees. Make sure you leave adequate head high (at least 2m) and consider the width.

During construction, make sure to include a landing at the top and bottom of the staircase. You’ll also need to install a handrail on one side. If your design has more than two rises, balustrading is crucial to protect users.

Design Options

Picking out the perfect finishes is what will make your staircase design unique. The style of your resident will help dictate the type of staircase that will suit your space the best. While contemporary designs are the most popular, you may prefer an authentic model in a period home.

Timber, glass metal, and concrete are the most common staircase materials. You should also consider the shape of your design. Do you prefer the look of a floating staircase, or would you like an elegant spiral design? Perhaps you want something more traditional. Considering all these options will ensure you build the perfect new staircase for your home.

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