Using Furniture for Design and Comfort: Six Tips to Bring It All Together


No other design element affects the look and feel of a room more than the furniture that’s placed within it, which is why it’s so critical to select the right combination of surfaces, storage, and seating to bring it all together in high style. As your sanctuary, your home should offer you the highest level of comfort too, and your furnishings play a primary role in making that happen. Here are six tips for selecting furniture that can help you achieve the perfect balance between design and comfort.

Modern Furniture

  1. Set The Mood

Furnishings not only help establish the style of a room but affect its atmosphere as well. Depending on its design, shape, and construction, a sofa can invite relaxation or can spark lively conversation. Use your furniture to create the mood you want for each room in your home.

  1. Choose Balance Over Symmetry

While furnishings that match can lend a room a feeling of continuity and harmony, too much symmetry makes the space feel stiff and uninspired. Look for balance when arranging furniture, but avoid being too symmetrical and matched.

  1. Keep Everything In Proportion

Furniture looks best when it fits the scale of the room, and it’s important to keep proportions in mind when grouping furnishings too. A large overstuffed chair looks incongruous next to a delicate end table. Consider the visual heft of the piece as well as its size.

  1. Splurge On Seating

People spend most of their time indoors sitting, so don’t sacrifice comfort for style when it comes to seating. Invest in quality sofas and easy chairs and make sure that desk chairs are designed for ease and comfort too.

  1. Plan For Visitors

There’s nothing like hosting a party to unveil any shortcomings in your furnishings. Every guest should have a comfortable place to sit, somewhere to hang a coat, and a place to put down a drink. Include plenty of storage and uncluttered surfaces in your furniture arrangements.

  1. Picture Perfect

Once you’ve arranged your furnishings to your liking, use your camera phone to snap pictures of the room from various angles. Viewing the space from different perspectives allows you to be more objective about the results.

The right furnishings can turn a ho-hum space into something that looks like it belongs in the pages of a decorating magazine. Still, even the most beautifully decorated room won’t mean much if you’re not comfortable while you’re in it. Whether you are looking for modern or contemporary furniture, Creative Furniture Galleries has a wide selection to choose from. Design for comfort as well as style and your home-sweet-home will satisfy all your senses for many years to come.

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