Using Nature As An Inspiration For Your Home’s Decor


Using Nature as an Inspiration for Your Homes Decor

Savoring nature’s beauty is one of the most effective ways to de-stress and relax. While many people enjoy taking hikes or drives to experience natural settings outdoors, it is also possible to bring nature into your home for convenient access at any time of the day or night. Here are a few tips to infuse your home with nature-style décor for you and family members to relish and to inspire guests.

Utilize Natural Colors

When thinking about nature’s palette, colors like green, yellow, blue, and brown come to mind. Of course, the options could extend to various animal colorations and hues as well as more neutral shades like white or tan. Decorate your rooms to resemble natural settings that are calm and peaceful as well as wildlife habitats. For example, bathrooms with their water-based functions often look well in sea-colored patterns of teal, turquoise, and related colors. Family rooms could be painted tan with forest green accents for a vibrant touch.

Incorporate Natural Light

Nature imagery enjoyed in natural light offers a more realistic impression over artificial lighting. Lightweight window coverings or drawn shades let in plenty of sunlight or moonlight for pleasurable times spent at home. French doors leading to the patio or a front door with window panes at the top or sides allow light to brighten the foyer entryway. Use natural light as much as possible to save utility costs, as well.

Choose Nature-Themed Décor

Floral paintings and wall décor add lovely accents to your nature-oriented home. Flowery art can help to coordinate all the natural colors, lighting, and textures that bring nature into your family’s midst. A large floral painting can become a room’s focal point that ties everything together. Alternately, a smaller set of two, three, or more floral framed artworks can brighten a corner or add color to rooms painted in neutral shades.

Include Natural Elements

Consider adding pebbles, stones, moss, wood, and water elements to enliven your home’s nature theme. A jar of colored pebbles looks great anywhere, while thoughtfully-placed artistic stones near a fireplace or as table centerpieces with flora recreate a natural outdoor image. Moss and wood can be added to floral arrangements, while water in a fish tank or other decorative receptacle creates a sense of nature’s life-giving properties.

The next time you take a walk in the woods or hike in the hills, look for decorative inspiration among the trees, rocks, streams, and meadows. You are sure to find unique ideas to take a piece of nature home with you for daily enjoyment.

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