Various Techniques of Window Reglazing


Glazing is the term used as the hardened sticky putty that makes a weather tight seal on the exterior of the window between the wood and the glass. With years this can fall off or becomes cracked, leaving the window vulnerable to the different climatic effects such as of water, dust and rusting. Window reglazing is not a difficult task and requires a little bit of knowledge and experienced technicians. If you do not seal the cracks of your windows then you will need to pay huge electric consumption bill every month, and to avoid such recurrent expenses, you must do window reglazing at the initial stage.

Window Reglazing
Window Reglazing

Why Would You Go for Window Reglazing?

There are many situations in which the concept of window Reglazing comes into consideration. That can be required when the glass or the pane has been damaged or broken, when glasses are tinted, warped etc. These are the times when we are aware of the signs for window reglazing to be performed. Most Reglazing jobs are actually performed not on windows that have been damaged, but rather have just reached the point where doing glazing is necessary.

The above term can also be defined as a glass that is installed inside the frame and is probably the most appropriate plus convenient way to maximize the energy efficiency of your home. Window Reglazing should be opted for when the remaining of the window unit is in a better condition. This means that the window sash is sturdy, moves well, and your windows can prevent adverse weather conditions. The frame should also be free of cracks, breaks, and rotted wood. Sometime the membrane that joins the two or three panes together (and in some cases keeps argon gas inside) has been punctured and is now letting moisture inside the glass. In these cases, you need to seal your windows with proper sealants and you must call the window reglazing professionals to perform this task.

How Would You Do the Window Reglazing?

There are some simple steps which you need to follow for window reglazing and you can also do this task with your DIY tools. But with your DIY skills, you cannot identify the smallest cracks on the windows and it via suggested to call the window reglazing professionals to achieve the best result. The following steps are the simplest techniques of window Reglazing.

  1. The glass is usually surrounded by putty called “glazing compound,” which holds the glass firmly in its position, and these sealants can protect your windows from natural disasters such as cold or hot air and wind. This putty often lasts for years, maybe decades, but over the years this happens to become rock-hard, soon cracks and thus falls off the window. It’s possible to replace glass and putty with the window in place, but to yield better results, it’s better to remove the window and clamp it down on a flat surface.
  2. The next step is to get rid of the old putty. Putty in good condition takes longer time and more strength to be removed. A shellac-based primer such as BIN is a recommended option because it dries out in less than minutes.
  3. For installation of new glasses, the different ways of glazing compound put a light bead of compound inside the frame and thus sets the glass firmly over it. That works well with soft latex compound. Then application of the new putty smoothing out the new glazing compound completes the task.

The so called glazing compound is putty like substance formulated to adhere to glass and frames of wood which is easily available in the market. Window Reglazing is not at all any hard task to perform and can be easily and efficiently performed under perfect supervision and guidance.

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