Vastu Checklist for Home


Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is our traditional Indian techniques through which a home can be made an positivity abode and avoid the negative wavelength from home. Making a home as per Vastu Shastra you can ward off negative and paucity from home.

Vastu is based on rules of eight directions that is magnetic field, spiritual concept of Vastu Purush, forty five deities who together form vastu mandala and the five elements of earth.

Vastu Purush

Importance of Vastu must not be ignored when making your home or office or any structure. All these elements of the Vastu play important roles in our lives and you must not neglect that.

Vastu for office

Here Are Some Checklists You Must Conduct While Making Your Home:

Check if there is any form of cut in south western side direction of home, plot and office. If there is a cut it indicated that legs of Vastu Purush are missing. This can result in problems which will indicate instability in personal as well as professional life.

Vastu for Kitchen

The kitchen and toilets should not be near each other that is not share a wall. Because this is conflict of two elements fire and water.

Vastu Kitchen

Kitchen as well as toilets must not be located in north or north eastern side of plot. It will result in financial troubles.

Vastu for House Door

Main door of house, office, factory, workplace, is not facing in the south west direction. Main door must have enough light. The main door must be well decorated. Avoid darkness on main door of plot. This is important to ward off the negatives directed towards your home, office or plot.

Usage of the sandalwood fragrance in west direction of plot is able to bring happiness in life of the inhabitants.


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