Vastu Doshas: Tips To Eradicate Any Inauspicious Elements


Vastu Shastra

Vastu has always been considered as a guide through which we construct our homes and offices. It helps us eliminate negative vibes and allows for the spreading of a positive aura at home. Listing down below are some remedial measures that you can take to remove the Vastu Doshas. When you implement such methods, the prosperity that was blocked will open, and you will experience success again.

According to Vastu, the First thing you must do before you formally start living in your new home is to conduct auspicious poojas:

Vastu Compliance

Ganesh Pooja: Ganesh pooja is very important because Lord Ganesh is Mangal Murti. That is, he will get all the work completed auspiciously.

Navagrah Shanti: this is to control the grahas effects on your home and in your life

Vastu Purush Pooja: Essential for peace and serenity in the home.

In case you have some Vastu Doshas in your house where you have been residing for a long. Still, you can conduct poojas such as:

Navachandi Yagya

Shantipath: this is to remove any grudge or any already existing problems on the premises.

Agnihotra Yagya

This pooja will help you in getting rid of Vastu Doshas

One effective method for keeping Vastu Doshas at bay is to keep Vastu Purush Idol along with silver-made Nag (i.e., Snake), pearl, copper wire, and powla. You need to wrap these entire items in red cloth. These items must be kept with red soil tied in red cloth. After that, keep this in the Eastern part of the home.

There is one more effective method to keep Vastu Doshas away in case you don’t find the items mentioned above. Again in red cloth, with red sand, add cashew nuts and powla and keep this on Tuesday in the western part of the home. You need to worship it with incense. It will establish a peaceful atmosphere at the home or office.

If you are demolishing a structure before destroying it, you must take the permission of Vastu Purush by doing a prayer as per the Vastu Shashtra. It is imperative.

When you demolish an old structure and reconstruct it, it’s advisable that you don’t use certain old things again, such as the gate of the compound, or main door, specific old furniture, and earthen pots.

The doorstep is regarded as an essential place of home or office. On the door, you must stick symbols of the swastika and feet of shubh and Labh and design an earthenware pot. Worship it every day with rice and kumkum. Remember, while entering and leaving, don’t touch your feet on the doorstep.

Om Namo Bhagvati Vastu Devay Namah is a mantra that is efficient for Vastu remedies. You need to recite this mantra 12,500 times. You can describe this mantra 108 times a day and keep repeating it every day until the 12,500 counts are complete.

A special place in the home and office for pooja that is a pooja room.

Keep idols and photos of Lord Ganpati in the home and office to bring peace as well as prosperity.

Remember, Griha Pravesh must be performed after the Navagraha Shanti pooja has been conducted.

An underground cellar must be filled; never keep it empty.

South Western area of the home must not be empty.

Light a Diya or lamp near the water pot in the house.

Conducting Griha Shanti is very useful and must be done often, like once every year, to nullify harmful effects and maintain peace and prosperity at home.


  1. Chakra Vastu is the science of harmonizing universal energies and optimizing their properties and benefits in homes or offices. It enhances the Chakras and elements of Vastu Purush.


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