Vastu Shastra Playing Kaleidoscopic Magic on Your Dream House!

On April 13, 2014 by Abhijit Sarkar

Vastu Shastra for Yellow Living Room

Vastu shastra is an ancient credo consisting of guidelines based on traditional views of how nature laws have an effect on human existence. It lays out point that the world is comprised of five basic elements- Earth (dharti), Water (jal), Fire (agni), Space (akash), and wind (vayu); and how our world is blessed with the presence of all these elements. Vastu Shastra comes into role to create a perfect balance in between all these elements according to each person and its surrounding materials so as to build up a congenial living and working environment that reaps out maximum benefits for the individual, accelerating it growth and bringing peace to his existence.

Many factors are kept into account while laying out the basic foundation of your dream house. From direction to which side of the house should face the sun, to the intricate details of the interiors; every teeny tiny detail is taken into consideration. The more precise it is the better it gets.

Beautiful Luxury Interior Bedroom Design

But one shouldn’t be bummed about it if they have a readymade accommodation to live in. If you believe in the fact that the dynamic forces of nature around you influence your prosperity and serenity you can make some minor changes in the already laid out building to make the best out of it.

It is a scientific fact that colors influence our mind and soul thereby helping to enhance the overall persona of a person. Shocked to hear that? But why? We often unconsciously decorate our children’s room with bright colors, hang a multi colored revolving toy above his head which soon becomes its favorite. Ever wondered why? Well…colors set off a stimulus inside our head; each color relates itself to a particular mood, laying down a profound impact on our psychological working- both intellectual and emotional.

Vastu Living Room

Vastu tells us how to paint our walls from inside that could lay a positive impact on us, has a pacifying effect, keeps us cheerful and stimulates good thoughts.

Following are the colors depending upon the directions:





Red, Baby pink






Bright green, yellow and blue

North- East

Silver White




Coffee Brown


According to Vastu, Home colors are also classified in another way based on their preferability for different rooms. Like Children’s bedrooms should be painted with bright colors such as green and yellow. They increase their overall concentration and have an enthusiastic effect on them.

Vastu Shastra Living Room Color Decorative Ideas

  • Pink is cool summer color that has a pleasing effect on the nerves. It is most suitable for a couple’s bedroom as it is said to bring in calmness and fresh wave of romance. 
  • Living room or drawing rooms can be brushed up with beige, green or light blue color. Considering these are the two places of the house one chooses to let themselves go and relax probably with a hot cuppa and by grabbing a couple of magazines/ newspaper the side walls color provide a soothing effect to the eyes. A creative mix and match of other light colors for dining areas could lead to amazing results too. 

Vastu Shatra Living Room Color Design

One doesn’t have to go out of the way to bring in these changes and experimenting with the aforesaid rules won’t hurt either, so why hesitate from trying it?

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