Vastu Shastra’s Do’s and Don’ts List for Bedrooms

On April 16, 2014 by Abhijit Sarkar

Vastu Bedroom

Vastu shastra is the science involved in the construction of a dwelling; a metaphysical layout of a building that takes in account the supernatural forces present in and around it and refocusing it in a unique way to work for the peace, prosperity and harmony of the family living inside it.

Vastu gives bedroom the greatest importance in the entire house, and why shouldn’t it be that way! We devote almost one-third of our lives to sleep even if we lie down for 6-8 hours on an average. Adequate and peaceful Sleep is undoubtedly one of the most crucial needs for a healthy body.

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According to Vastu Shastra the bedroom should be located at the topmost floor in the south west corner of the house, which is supposedly the most powerful quadrant of the room as it stores the positive energy. Any opening such as windows and doors should not be build at this end as that would provide an opening to this energy facilitating its loss.

The wall opposite to the entrance of the room should be decorated with beautiful paintings, portraits, of any of your favorite possessions, mere look on which fills you up with positive energy and vibrant feeling. Usually a family picture or the picture of one’s baby is the most preferred portrait to hang on.

Clutters, if present should be immediately removed. It is believed that your way of life becomes comparatively more inefficient and dysfunctional by their presence. It apparently hinders with the progress of the individual and holds him back.

An organized and less crowded area around the bed would bring in a sense of having sorted thoughts, peace of mind and the much hoped for- serenity.

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On the sleeping patterns, Vastu suggests that a person should sleep with his head towards the East for an unhindered peaceful dreamy sleepy. Sleeping you head towards the north is a big NO NO. It leads to a disturbed sleep with nightmares and often become a cause for a person being an insomniac.

These tips if followed religiously would help a person feel more positive and fresh the next morning. The advantages of it are manifold. It leads to better blood circulation, uniform blood pressure, maintained cholesterol level etc.

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Storage items such as an almirah or wardrobes should be places in the Southwest corner of the room. Mirrors if any should not be directly in front of the bed it is said that it reflects the bad vibes directly back to one after he/she is asleep. Sleeping in straight alignment to the sharp edges of the room is not advised either. If there no choice is available in this respect one can place tiny soft object in the corners to nullify the stress effect it has on one’s nervous system.

Pink colors on the wall are said to bring in a romantic touch into a couple’s married life. Follow these easy rules, fiddle with some of your stuff and re arrange it in the aforesaid manner and see the difference for yourself!

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