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Before, we use to enjoy our life residing in a well-spaced big house with all our elders. But now a day’s our experience has been restricted to a tiny room, i.e., Apartments or Flats. We have adopted all these changes, good or bad; we don’t know. Accordingly, things have to be selected only for an apartment living. Plus, we also have to plan things according to security reasons. In the olden days, ladies were the only housewife and used to do domestic works, but now both wife and husband have to work. Otherwise, they may not save anything. Day by day, our expenses keep on increasing. Our lifestyle has also changed; we are selecting the branded items, moving to shop malls, and sometimes we are buying the not requiring goods in the shopping malls instead of needed products. The bedroom plays one of the most critical roles in Vastu Shastra.

  1. The bedroom is not meant for debates, enjoy with your life partner at the bedroom and don’t discuss the other things in the bedroom. If the Vastu at a bedroom is right, then you will surely enjoy the real sensual life and have a great rest in the bedroom without any disturbances and mental tensions.
  2. Generally, the bedroom is placed at the Southwest corner of the house, so the southwest outside of the house should not have defects; otherwise, the residents of that bedroom may face so many problems and troubles.
  3. People sleeping in the south-east in the east bedroom suffer from insomnia, nervousness, and short temper.
  4. The owner sleeping in the North-West bedroom suffers unsteadiness.
  5. Place the cupboard in the bedroom at South, West, or Southwest.
  6. Place the bed at southwest leaving someplace at south, west, and southwest corners.
  7. Directions for the head to be placed while sleeping:
    If the head is towards the south, then, with sound sleep and lesser tensions, the health improves.
    If the head is towards the east, then improvement in knowledge.
    If the head is towards the West, then ill health.
    If the head is towards the North, then bad dreams, ill health, and disturbed sleep.
  8. At night it is advisable to keep light burning. A night bulb will also do. Never keep your bedroom pitch dark.
  9. The main entrance of the bedroom should always be at the northeast corner either towards the east or north sides.
  10. The bedroom flooring should be higher than all the other rooms flooring so that the owner of the house is going to enjoy the standard.
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