Vastu Tips for Dining Room

On January 7, 2013 by Vishal Bhanushali

Glass top dining table with original base

Vastu tips for dining formulates that the food which you are eating will have positive effects on you and your family. There are lots of things which are necessary to be measured while giving the correct Vaasthu therapy for dining room like the appropriate position of the dining room and the right area of dining table and location of electronic gadgets, etc.

The final position for the assembly of the dining room is the west or south portion of the house if you are keen to set a fridge in the dining room, after that it should place in the southeast direction.

Kitchen is the right place to boost your everyday meals but not at all face towards the South as having your food as it makes stomach chaos, dyspepsia and other associated problems.

Glass top dining table with original base

The dining table is not supposed to be fused to the wall. Most of the people seek for this only. If you want to stick your desk to the wall, then go for West or Southside walls, but remember that it should not stick to the Northeast corner or at east or north sides.

Square or rectangle shaped dining table is just perfect for the room. Now a day, round tables are flooding the market. There is no problem by putting the round dining table at the dining room.

Construction of dining room should be done in such a way that the dining room and kitchen both are on the same floor lying adjacent to each other. One hint here also is that, that the dining room and kitchen may have a small window to exchange the food items, but before doing this you need to take suggestions from an expert vastu consultant.

Traditional dining room

It is most profitable to have the dining room on the west side of the building. If it is in the east or the north, then it is acceptably good. While taking food the head of the family should sit facing to the south. And this is done then pointless argues might take place. Nature portraits and paintings in the dining room make the ambience happy.

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