Vastu Tips For Prosperous Diwali


Diwali is a light of festival and celebration time, and it is all about happiness, joy, and prosperity.

Diwali is about the festival of Goddess Lakshmiji and Lord Ganesha, where people invite these deities to their homes as they bring along prosperity.

Placing things correctly at home during the auspicious festival of Diwali can bring forth success and prosperity home.

Diwali Lamps

Vastu offers directions and placement of things such that you can gain much better.

For people who are excited to welcome Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha into their homes and offices, here are some vastu tips for Diwali.

Cleaning And Purifying:

Home Interiors Indian Style

Purifying home is essential to welcome God and Goddess.

De-clutter home by throwing and giving away unwanted and old things as they can block positive energy coming from outside to go inside.

Cleaning home brings positive energy and keeps it there.


Latest Diwali Diya 2013

decorating is essential for Diwali.

Décor with mango leaves and marigold flowers is considered very auspicious. This will bring a good lick.

Bell Leaf Toran

Hanging toran at the main entrance is symbolic of natural abundance and attracts the blessing of God.

Lighting home attracts the blessing of God and shows you are welcoming.


Diwali Floating Diyas With Flowers

this is imminent, and Diwali will be incomplete without it. Diyas should always be in multiples of fours to symbolize Goddess Lakshmi, Kuber, Indra, and Lord Ganesha. Don’t separate them.

Place Valuables:

Gold Plated Goddess Lakshmi Idol

Kuber sthan is in the north direction. It is ruled by the lord of wealth called Kuber. You could place a locker or almirah in the north direction. Keep the idol of Goddess Lakshmi inside the locker increases wealth.


Goddess Lakshmiji Footprints

Set red footprints at the entrance of the main gate and near the Puja room entrance. This is symbolized Goddess Lakshmi’s footprints, which bring wealth, prosperity, and happiness.

When praying to God, set the idols of Goddess Lakshmi and God Ganesha so that you are facing towards the Northeast, north, or east direction as a worshipper.


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