Vastu Tips To Attract Wealth And Good Luck


The whole sole aim of Vastu Shastra is to increase wealth and keep the lord Kuber happy. He has the power to give you all the wealth and money to you that you desire! How can you please the Lord Kuber and get good health and wealth at your home? Here are a few Vastu tips to make your life healthy & wealthy

Do’s Of The Vastu Shastra

  • Keep the North-East portion clutter-free, clean, and tidy. It will attract wealth towards you all the time.
  • Always keep the South-West roof portion higher than the North-East portion. The building roof should slope from the South West to the North East.
  • Place a mirror in front of your locker, to attract wealth. The mirror will show an image of a cash locker; this will emblematic that your wealth will be doubled.
  • Place the cash or locker close of the South direction or South-West wall so that it will open in the North direction. The North is a direction of Lord Kuber; opening a locker in North direction compelled Lord Kuber to fill it again and again.
  • As per Vastu for money, planting a big or huge tree in the South-West portion stabilizes finance. This also helps to avoid misfortunes and mishaps in family and business.
  • Always keep the center of the home as non-constructive or empty. This part of a house is known as Brahmasthan. The Brahmasthan is a special central zone in a building and considered a powerful zone. So keeping this area vacant is advisable.
  • For the storeroom, you can use the South West or West portion.
  • Always keep all windows and doors clean. If they are dirty, then the money flow is obstructed.
  • Suppose you have any leaking at home, repair or replace it immediately. Any leaking taps, faucets, or leaking of water denotes wastage and loss of money (may harm your wealth too).
  • Place a water fountain in the North-East part of the home. Make the water fountain always moving; the movement of water denotes the flow of positive energy and wealth.
  • Keep an aquarium in your home in the North-East portion of the hall or living room.
  • Decorate the main or entrance of your home distinctively to enable prosperity and wealth to find your house easily. Keep this area brighten up.
  • Feed grains and water to birds in your yard; this will attract positive energy and wealth.
  • Purple color represents wealth; hence keep a purple colored plant in your home. If you find it difficult to get a purple colored plant, the other option is to keep a money plant in a purple colored pot.

Don’ts Of The Vastu Shastra

  • Never place the cash locker under any beam; this will invite a lot of financial stress on family or business.
  • Never make a curved wall in the North-East corner of the wall.
  • Never buy a house which is at a lower level than the road facing it.
  • Never have big and high trees on the North-East side of a plot as it obstructs financial flow.
  • Avoid any high rise buildings, temples, etc. in front of the North East of your home as this leads to loss of wealth. If there are tall rise buildings and temples, then at least make sure that their shadow doesn’t fall on your home.
  • Avoid making a staircase in the North-East portion.
  • Never put heavy machinery in the North-East corner.
  • Don’t place a locker in any other direction except the North direction.
  • Don’t install a swimming pool, a water tank lower than the ground level in the South-West corner.

Final Words

If you can follow the Vastu mentioned above tips for home, you can gain good health, wealth and can enjoy your life the way you want.

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