Vastu’s Proffered Solutions to Help You Rake In a Lot of Money!


Vastu Interiors for Money Luxury Life

Nothing is more annoying or disappointing than not being paid off for all the hard work one puts into work. They may belong to the intellectual, innovative, talented lot, but there’s always some unknown factor that keeps you one step away from all the success, name and fame. It is like the world aligns in a weird, funny way to screw up with one’s plans just at the fag end.

Vastu Shastra laid in some thoughts in this regard. It came up with a few key points which were logically driven, often involving complex mathematics and study of planetary movements around the person and its rapport with the surrounding environment.

Vastu Shastra for Money

Money is an essential aspect of living a happy life. It gives you the power to cater to the basic needs of one’s family to everything. Very often, the structure of the house can have a direct relation to financial prosperity. Below are the few pointers which would help one attract better finance and wealth:

  • Decorate the front of the house spectacularly. The use of marble to give a classy touch or lovely makeover with plants can provide a unique edge to the exteriors. This helps attract the riches into the house.
  • The house should face towards the North-East direction. East is mainly the direction that symbolizes name and fame, while North is the direction for God of Wealth- Kuber. For those people who have a well-constructed house beforehand, need not worry, place an aquarium or a small fountain out in the front, and it’ll do the rest of the work for you.
  •  Vastu also suggests one to place their safe vaults or almirah containing valuables in the south-west corner of the room, facing towards North. This is to enhance the inward-outward flow of cash. Any other directions are most likely to boost unnecessary expenses.
  • Drainage problems or leakage of taps symbolize expenses. Since the toilet is all about waste and stagnant filth, it is linked with the flushing down of wealth in the most inappropriate fashion. Hence if there are any such problems in the house, fix it immediately. In addition to this, any underground water source located in the southern portion of the house harms the wealth flow too.
  • Make some arrangement in the front garden section of the house to invite birds and other wildlife. A birdfeeder or a working fountain may attract these creatures, which helps attract prosperity and various excellent opportunities from all directions.
  • Apart from these, windows are suggested to keep clean and sparkling. A dirty glass restricts the flow of money. Hanging a crystal through these would further help in the concentration of sunlight, scattering it into rainbow colors signifying the different evolving shapes of a career.

Vastu Shastra for Money and Luxury Bedroom Interiors

Try and bring these slight modifications into the house and see the magic yourself. Vastu claims that the changes would work only for the better.

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  1. I have a 1 BHK flat in which I have a bedroom attached with the toilet at North-east and thus facing financial problems. I have to ask you that should I keep the documents in that bedroom or another direction, kindly reply me.


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