Vintage Details: How to Include More Art Deco in Your Design


Visual art is a great way to improve your interior design and adding a mix of Art Deco details can be done in just a few steps. An advantage is you don’t have to transform your entire home to include all designs that tend to make up a Deco appearance. You can also find many items at affordable prices if you look online or at stores that sell discounted merchandise.

Larger Shapes

Vintage Details How to Include More Art Deco in Your Design

You’re going to have to get over the fear of large shapes in decorating since these are what make up the old style. Begin with the walls. Add paint in a bold color with lines that break off squares of triangles. Or perhaps add a focal piece with a vintage divider or tall vase. The shapes should be large enough that they will instantly be recognizable when someone enters the room. Minimal and significant, your large shapes and décor should be easily focused on and appreciated.


Vintage Windows

The windows in your design should let some light shine on the rooms. Large picture windows in the shapes of rectangles or circles with wooden designs in the center to divide the window are ideal for the art deco look. Exterior doors can also be of the same shape with the same design as the other windows if you want a uniform look. Companies like Gilkey Windows are great for ordering custom designs that go with your theme and home shape. If you’re going to add drapes or curtains, consider adding something vibrant to bring out the other neutral pallets in the room.

Artwork and More

Vintage Details How to Include More Art Deco in Your Design

After you have the basics of the design down, you can start adding the finer details. African prints and modern shape and line artworks are ideal as they were a popular design in the 1930s when the movement began. A benefit of print is you can blend almost any two or three colors depending on the personality of the room, and how unique you want the home to look. Tortoiseshell is another popular finish as well as pearl effects on items such as lamps and bowls. Add a few oil paintings of bold patterns to bring a greater appeal.

Bold Finish

Vintage Details How to Include More Art Deco in Your Design

If you aren’t sure about making everything vibrant, then consider bold accents. One of the places you can do this is in the bathroom. Keep a simple design, such as white or beige with a few decorations, and add tiles that are a contrasting color. Black or teal are the right colors to start with. You can add just a few tiles along the edges of the walls, or the edge of the shower to give a pop of color to the entire room.

Art deco is something to explore if you want a different look in your home. It does involve exploring colors and decorations you might not think about including at first, but once the task is completed, you will see that there are vibrancy and beauty that only this style of decorating can bring.

Check these tips from top interior design experts for more ideas.

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