Vinyl Furniture: How To Repair And Maintain It Properly


Vinyl Furniture

When a large tear appears on the vinyl sofa or chair, it seems that you can easily throw it away. However, don’t hurry up – today, we’re going to offer a better solution. In practice, it takes a little time and effort to fix the vinyl furniture. On the ToolsnGoods site, you may find diverse repair kits for any case. Here you will also find a guide on how to apply them.

Vinyl Furniture Repairment

There can be large and small tears, and they require diverse supervision. There are several vinyl repair kit types as well.

For Small Scratches

Such tears may appear accidentally, and some of them are even hard to mention. But they still look indelicate. In this case, it will be enough to apply the glue that will hide the scratch from the first try. You should find the glue that has the same (or similar) color to your furniture. Then you need to cover the tear and wait for one night for the result.

Some glues require heating. They are put on the scratch using a heated iron – such a method is more durable. By the way, the most reliable kit is a cemented one. It is suitable for any case. You get a brush, which you should use to put the liquid cement on the furniture. However, it’s more challenging to find the matching color among these kits.

For Large Holes

In this case, you will need a piece of additional fabric for sure. Luckily, there are many kits to choose from. Before buying them, you need to consider your furniture color and texture. The second one can be glossy or rough – they require diverse kits.

When you have already bought the kit, you should cut the repair fabric due to the tear size. After that, put it inside the hole and add some color. You can apply two or three layers. When at least 24 hours have passed, you can use a little alcohol to make the color more durable.

How To Take Care Of Vinyl Furniture

In most cases, the tears appear by accident, and it isn’t effortless to do something with it. But the right attitude towards the vinyl furniture will keep it good-looking for a longer time. If the leather becomes too dry, it can crack easily. So, you should apply deep cleaning twice a year – there is no need to do it more often.


There are specific mild detergents that are suitable for vinyl cleaning. Don’t use the harsh chemical cleaners that can damage the furniture. The ¼ cup of soap for the water gallon will be enough. You should apply the soft cloth or sponge – try a circular motion; it cleans the vinyl in the best way.

Then it would help if you used another soft cloth to rinse the soap with the freshwater. You can do it two or three times or as much as required. Don’t leave the furniture wet. Apply the towel dry but don’t use any heating devices – they will make the fabric dry. By the way, you can use a spray to wipe the furniture every week.

Other Tips

If you frequently sit on vinyl furniture, for example, you can buy a covering in an armchair or car seat, which you can put into the washing machine. It still will be soft, but the leather will be protected.

If you already see that the furniture has small scratches, don’t wait until they become large. It can be more difficult to repair them later. Many affordable kits cope with small tears.

Remember that harsh detergents and soaps may damage the vinyl. Besides, apply only highly soft clothing or sponges – microfiber towels is a nice variant.

Choose Vinyl Furniture Without Worries

As you see, repairing vinyl furniture doesn’t require a lot of tools and time. If you decide which kit type you need, you can visit the ToolsnGoods website and learn more about certain methods. Don’t wait until the tear will become larger – repair it as quickly as possible. It’s much more pleasant to use the furniture without scratches and holes.

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