Walk-In Bathtubs For Seniors: Here Is What You Need To Know


Bathroom injuries among older adults are common and can be very dangerous. Contemporary bathrooms can sometimes create risky situations for the elderly and also for people with mobility issues. Walk-in bathtubs can be an effective way of preventing frequent falls and other challenges that the elderly face in the bathroom.

Walk-in Bathtubs: Overview

Walk-in Bathtubs

Walk-in tubs are effective when it comes to keeping you safe in the bathroom. These bathtubs have a door that can easily open and close, making it easy for anyone to enter or come out of the tub safely.

How Do They Work?

Premier Care in Bathing

According to Premier Care in Bathing, a famous walk-in bathtub dealer, these tubs are equipped with one door that can open and close on its tub’s front or side. That means you can enter or come out of this tub without lifting your leg over the threshold, as is the case with the traditional tubs.

The tub’s door has a perfect sealing, and once closed, the seal prevents water from flooding your bathroom floor. These bathtubs require professional installation because you may need to install adjustable showerheads, inside-the-tub seating, handrails, and adjustable bubble jets. These add-ons make the entire process of installing a walk-in tub complicated, a reason it should be handled by a professional.

Benefits Of Walk-in Tubs

Benefits Of Walk-in Tubs

Here are the benefits of walk-in bathtubs for the elderly.

  • Walk-in bathtubs make bathing safer and more comfortable for disabled people and seniors. It’s also easier for a home health aide to help with personal home care services.
  • The tub’s door can open and close quickly, making it easier for both the elderly and disabled to use the tub.
  • In addition to the tub’s side doors, these bathroom accessories are specially designed to prevent slipping and falling in the bathroom.
  • These tubs have seats, textured pads, and handrails to help the tub users keep their heads above the water.
  • Walk-in bathtubs have fast-draining facilities. Thus, you don’t have to wait for long in the tub or the bathing area.

According to experts, walk-in bathtubs are associated with hydrotherapy, a therapeutic power that helps in boosting up energy levels in older adults and relieve pain for people who spend more time in the tub. Different therapeutic features are added to various walk-in tubs, including light therapy, soothing air therapy system, aromatherapy, and hydro-jet therapy. These therapeutic features make walk-in bathtubs a safe and healthy bathtub option for seniors.

Note that different walk-in tubs come with various facilities, such as a shower. Therefore, if you intend to enjoy the benefits of soaking in a bathtub without giving up the convenience of a high-quality shower, then choose a tub with your desired features. Other tubs come with a mold-resistant gel coat, which means you don’t have to worry about mold in your bathtub.

Given all the excellent features, benefits, and convenience associated with walk-in bathtubs, it’s safe to say that these bathtubs are a superb bathing option for the young, elderly, and disabled people – walk-in tubs are a perfect choice for everyone.

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