Wall Art Décor Ideas for Kids Room


Colorful Kids Room

A kid’s room is space to sleep, but moreover, it is a place where kids play, explore, learn, and discover. It is essential that a kid’s room must be décor and designed such that it provides to be a stimulating environment. You must fill the room with such elements that will capture his or her attention and must be inspiring. When decorating a kids’ room, it must include an eye-catching wall art that will add interest to their room.

Here are some types of wall art décor which can be used to décor the kids’ room:


The mural is an artwork that is painted directly on the wall or ceiling. The scene or any setting which is displayed in mural adds definite interest of kid in the room. Murals can bring in wonderlands, another world to life, turn the ordinary room into an adventure. Murals must be selected as per the theme of the kid’s room. Like if the theme is solar system space theme, then a mural of the surface of the moon can be a good idea. If you want a princess theme, the mural of the castle will be wow. You can create undersea like a room with murals of the ocean and aquatic animals.

Kids Room Wall Art

You can involve your kids to do murals on the wall. You can do the artwork if your artwork if you are artistic. Use stencils to create a striking piece of art.


Wall Art Decorating Ideas for Children's Room

Decals are prefabricated stickers that are designed to hang on the walls. Decals are of a variety of images such as trees, fairies, butterflies, etc. range in different sizes, such as small to even extra-large. Decals are an alternative to the murals. Murals involve painting and cleaning after that, but with decals can be purchased and hang on the wall. If a child loves greenery, then different plants and woodland theme room, create a border with letters of alphabets for the baby nursery or animal decals, princess decals, cartoon decals in the room of child as per his or her choice can be used for the decoration.

Traditional Art:

Kids Wall Art Gallery Frames

Traditional art includes drawings, posters, photographs, paintings, etc., which are displayed in framed and hand on the wall. This is a traditional yet effective way to decorate your kid’s room walls.


A Photo can be made as one of the wall covers of the room. You can also go for some unique photo shoot and get your kid’s unique photographs in which you can frame it and display it on the wall.

Give space for your kid to do art and craft a display of things that he or she has made. This will be an excellent wall décor.

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  1. I so love that wall art decals! They are so colorful and that kids would surely love it. I like the idea of putting a chalkboard because we all know that kids love to write and that at least they have that desired place for them to do that than on our walls.


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