Wall Decor: The Art of Walls


The Art of Walls

The right wall decor can transform a dull, vanilla wall into an eye-catching, head-turning masterpiece. It can bring character to any space, especially if it’s a statement piece of art.

Not all of us are interior decorators, but don’t be stumped! There are many ways to add some life to your stark, bare walls that are both cheap and easy to do. At Urbaninteriors.com.au, you will find various art collections by professional artists that will enhance your wall and update your living room’s entire look. Here are our favorite ways to use wall decor in the home:

Large-Scale Art

Large-scale art is an excellent addition to a room as it sets the tone and commands attention. A black and white picture can complement a minimalist space beautifully, or you can choose an abstract piece to add some color to the room.

Portraits and Paintings

The artwork is the pièce de résistance of any home. From portraits to landscapes, abstracts to impressionism, renaissance to modern art, there’s so much to choose from for any budget.

If you’re the creative type or an aspiring artist and want to create your masterpieces, paint by number for adults is a fantastic site to buy artwork kits. They have one of the most significant collections of canvases, as well as number guides and paintbrushes.

A Gallery Wall

One of the best ways to incorporate art into your home is by creating a gallery wall. It would help if you had a bare wall on one side of the room with minimal furniture.

You can display anything your heart desires on your gallery wall, from photographs to style a wall with hangings and artwork. This is an amazing way to bring some personality and color to your home.

If you don’t have an entire wall to cover with artwork, you can group three or more art pieces to create an impact. Just make sure that there’s an underlying theme that links them all together.

An Accent Wall

Another option is to create an accent wall. You can do this however you like, by painting one wall a stand-out color or by creating beautiful stenciled patterns, design accents with bold colors, and putting up decorative wallpaper.


Mirrors placed strategically can reflect light and make a room appear bigger and brighter. A mirror with a beautiful frame can revamp a room and add some subtle style. Opt for an oversized mirror or several small ones you can hang together.

A Whiteboard Or Chalkboard

Whiteboards and chalkboards can bring their rustic charm to a room. They can be a functional addition to a kitchen or your home office.

You don’t just have to stick to a traditional board, though. You can find them in almost any color, shade, and print these days. You can also take the idea of a whiteboard to the next level by painting an entire wall with write-on-wall paint.

A Basket Wall

What is a basket wall? It’s simply a collection of baskets clustered together and hung on a wall with the bottom stuck on the wall to provide a shelf. It’s an easy and fun DIY.

You can play with a variety of styles: boho, traditional, Mediterranean, or coastal. Using different sizes or textured baskets with neutral or colorful themes can liven up any room.

A Personalized Map

What better way to decorate your space than with a personalized map that shows where you’ve been? You can get a particular city, state, country, or the world in any color palette. Personalize your map by adding pins to the places you’ve visited!

Shiplap Walls

Shiplap is a special type of board with an interlocking and overlapping fit. Most shiplap boards are more expensive than drywall. Shiplap boards can be installed very easily – you can even do it yourself!

There are so many options and choices of boards out there to suit every room in your house. You can play with the colors and the types of the board to create a unique look.

Fabric as Art

A beautiful and rich tapestry or a wall hanging can change a room’s whole outlook and give it character and depth. Plus, it’s an added advantage that they’re much easier to move around than framed paintings.

You can frame vintage fabrics or scarves with patterns as your wall hangings to give it a personalized look.

What To Consider Before You Choose Your Wall DĂ©cor

The first thing you need to consider is, of course, the wall itself, how big it is, and what size art you need.

A good rule of thumb is to keep six to 12 inches left on each side of the wall with the art positioned in the center.

Another thing to keep in mind is the furniture in the room. Consider the kind of art you need depending on whether you’re hanging it behind a sofa, bed, or table. Choose smaller art or the same length as the furniture.

If you can’t afford large canvas art or you’re worried about it being too bulky, choose smaller pieces that complement each other and create a collage for a contemporary look.

You can also use removable wallpaper murals to decorate your walls and give them a fresh and vibrant look.

Keep it interesting; keep it personal, and make a statement through your decor. After all, if your wall décor is not vibrant, sensational, and powerful, then what’s the point!

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