Wall Designs: Add Your Personalized Touch to It


When you were a little kid, you might have attempted to design your walls with your beautiful little fingers having a pencil in it and scribbling all over the fence. Well, it’s self-expression you are looking for, and today there’s no reason to live without it. Personalized wall designs can even prep up the boring places and abscond on them a crush of your uniqueness. For a beautiful design wall, you will have many different alternatives in various budgets. Think about them previous to decide on how you will make up your wall look special:

  1. Textured Paints

Modern Room Eco With Yellow Floral Wallpaper

Textured paint is used resourcefully to make different wall designs that you like. Some general finishes are mother-of-pearl, stucco, sandy and metallic. You can also let your thoughts go feral and generate your wall designs with the help of textured paint as well as stencils.

  1. Wallpaper

Living Room Wall Design

Today wallpaper comes up with attractive options – flower-patterned, arithmetical, leather-finish, textured, metallic, etc.  You can use these wallpapers everywhere – on the wall at the back of your bed, dining room, or living room. Wallpapers can easily be replaced.

  1. Stickers

Leaning Tree Wall Decal Bedroom Decor

Some home businesses make labels so that you can design walls according to your choice. This sticker is very easy to fix on the wall, and it can peel off with no stains. Options vary from paisley to the topic, like flowers, trees, butterflies, birds,  abstract geometrical numbers, and even sticky labels for your kids’ rooms. For instance, you can put sticky labels of a panorama from the favorite fairy tale which love the most.

  1. Think 3D

Strom Wall Storage and Display Set

Don’t confine your wall design to 2D only. Think about 3D! You are capable of making an appealing outline on the wall from the souvenir which you have pulled out on your events or other figurines that you like to do. For example, make an imaginative wall lynching with multicolored saucers, diverse types of bangles, masques, buttons, beer cans, tequila glasses, or hats.

  1. Murals

Pop Art Comic Wall Mural

You can appoint an artist to coat painting on any of the walls for you. The price of this will depend on the size of the wall and the artist’s payment.

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