Wanna Keep Your Home Lit? Know Which Electric Meter To Use


Electric Meter

Electricity is one of the necessities of life without which one cannot be able to do their daily work. Electricity is required to fulfill the home chores and outdoor work. Electricity providers help you in connecting the electricity supply to your home. An electricity meter is implanted at your home that counts the reading of electricity units.

Working Of Electric Meter:

The purpose of the electric meter is to find out the amount of electricity that is consumed. Electricity meter takes the reading of the voltage in the form of units. There is a specific procedure to take readings from the electricity meter. Your readings and cost may also vary from company to company. You can save electricity costs by comparing the rates and offers of different electricity providers.

To take the exact figure, you need to take two readings at two different times. After the reading collection, make the difference between these. This value is the reading of electricity units that are consumed at that specific time. You can take readings of a day, a month, or a year. There is a meter number that is specific for every electricity meter.

Types Of Electricity Meter:

If we talk about the types of the electric meter, mainly these are categorized in two. The first one is the digital electricity meter that is also known as an electrical meter. The second type is analog electricity meters, electromechanical meters. The difference between these two types is the appearance and instant connectivity.

  1. Digital Electricity Meter:

As the name suggests, the readings of electricity will appear in digital format. There is an LED, or The LCD screen is attached that shows the reading. You do not have to calculate any further. The digital display shows an exact figure for electricity consumption during a specified period.

One of the benefits of digital electricity meter is that these are available wireless so that you can take the reading from a distance. Mostly, this type of electricity meter is used now. The technicians will not have to disturb you for taking a reading. They can easily take the reading from the street where the electricity meter is attached outside of your home.

  1. Analog Electricity Meters:

The analog electricity meter does not contain a digital screen and does not offer connectivity, as well. These are the previously used electricity meters referred to as the traditional electricity meters. There is a process called electromagnetic induction to take a reading from this electricity meter type. The readings appear like a clock scaling.

The technicians do the reading analysis. Read the reading from the very left. If the needle appears between two numbers, consider the lower one. If the reading needle appears precisely on a number, then two options can be adopted.

Time Of Use Entering:

This sort of metering provides differentiation among the readings during different times. It can be an analog electricity meter or a digital electricity meter. The reading style varies in accordance with the meter type. There are two meters involved in it to take a reading of the day and night differently. The peak hours’ electricity rates cost higher than the other time hours. The day time is peak time in which electricity costs higher than night time.

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