Want To Give Your House A Facelift? Why Not Try A Complete Spring Clean?


While most people take great pains to keep their house clean on the inside, it can be easy to overlook the many exterior elements of the house which could also benefit from a good clean up once in a while.

Instead of spending money on redecorating or painting the outside, it might be worth investing in a major house spring clean, so here are five top tips on key areas of the outside of the house which could really use from some cleaning attention and which we might sometimes forget:

  1. The Front Door And Step

High Level Cleaning
In terms of making your house more inviting, consider giving your front door a wash down on the outside every once in a while, particularly in the winter when it gets covered in grime from rain and wind. If it’s PVC, some warm soapy water will do the trick. For a wooden door you might need to give it a fresh coat of varnish or paint for a spruce up. Give that doorstep a quick scrub and replace your welcome mat.

  1. The Gutters

High Level Cleaning

Unfortunately many people overlook cleaning gutters, and these should really be done at least once a year to keep them clear of moss and debris which can block them. If blocked, you could end up with water pouring down the front of your house rather than the drainpipe and that is never good. If you can’t clean them yourself, as it does involve high level cleaning, then consider the services of a specialist.

  1. The Windows

High Level Window Cleaning

If you have a local window cleaner then this issue should be an easy fix and can make a real difference to the appearance of your house, not to mention letting in the light better to improve your rooms inside.

  1. The Conservatory

Traditional Porch Conservatory
Again, another aspect to the outside of the house which can add value but can also become grimy quickly, particularly in the winter. Cleaning all the glass and the roof could be daunting and also involve high level cleaning work so best to get the specialists in for this as well – but a clean and shiny conservatory will look amazing!

  1. The Garden

If your garden path and driveway are full of weeds in the paving stones it can be a real pain but a weedkiller spray should soon sort that out as long as you follow the instructions. Just tidying the front garden in this way could add real curb appeal to your property.

Making a slightly tired house look beautiful again needn’t cost the earth and doesn’t have to mean redecorating it. A good clean-up and polish of some of the neglected exterior elements will provide a very noticeable facelift to any home, and cleaning out the gutters is not just aesthetically pleasing but could potentially save money by preventing the occurrence of possible damp problems, or at the very least broken gutters, later in life.


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