Want To Save Money On Your AC Bill? Check Out This New Interior Design Solution


What Is Coolwall?

The average American household spends over $400 per month on energy bills, with a significant amount going toward air conditioning. Unfortunately, with the climatic changes, summers continue to get hotter, placing a huge energy cost burden on people.

However, there is a way to cut costs without stretching your budget while enjoying the cool summer air. Besides throwing shade around your house or installing ceiling fans, you can use this energy-saving method to cool your home.

Enter coolwall. Coolwall is a revolutionary concept in interior design. According to research, coolwall can reduce energy costs by up to 21%. Learn more about coolwall here.

What Is Coolwall?

Coolwall is an interior design solution applied on wall coatings to help them reflect heat from the sun and lower the wall’s temperatures by about 40 degrees compared to other standard paints. When the exterior wall temperatures decrease, the interior wall temperatures also decrease.

This reflective heat technology is used in the military to reduce the heat absorbed by your home. However, the peak cooling load, reductions in wall temperatures, and cooling cost percentage depend on your location, color selection, substrate type, and climatic conditions.

How Coolwall Helps Cool Down Houses

During summer, your home absorbs over 90% of the heat through its walls. Unfortunately, this heat makes your home’s interior uncomfortable and hot. As a result, you need to run your air conditioning throughout, which can cause the energy bills to escalate. This is because a standard AC uses about 3.5kWh per hour.

However, coolwall is an advanced coating system for the walls’ exterior and is thoroughly tested by the Department of Energy to reduce surface temperatures. As a result, it makes your home comfortable during summer while reducing your air conditioning costs.

Coolwall is available in clear, misty, natural, and shaded colors, meaning a wide variety of colors can choose from. In addition, the coolwall system is formulated to last a lifetime, making it cost-effective. However, you can recoat whenever necessary. Ensure the surface is clean, and use a primer if recoating in a different color.

Benefits Of Coolwall

The advantage of using coolwall is that the color of your wall is designed not to fade. The coolwall reflects most of the invisible spectrum portion and leaves the color of your wall unchanged thanks to its unmatched fade resistance that also increases durability. In addition, the coolwall reflects the sun’s infrared energy to prevent the wall from absorbing too much heat. Since the walls stay cooler, their adhesion, color, and physical properties last longer. In addition, low heat build-up reduces contraction and expansion stress on the wall coating because of thermal cycling.

Apart from energy efficiency, coolwall enhances the curb appeal of your home. And with its fade resistance ability, you can enjoy bolder exterior colors for longer without reapplying every two years, like traditional paint.


Coolwall is an ideal modern way to enjoy cool air in your home without the huge energy bills associated with air conditioning, especially during summer. So, try this option to enjoy your summers.

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