Warm and Comfortable Abode: How to Make Your Home Cozy This Winter

On November 4, 2016 by Himanshu Shah

Warm and Comfortable Abode: How to Make Your Home Cozy This Winter
Winter is coming and with that comes cold winds, snow and ice. Even though many people stay indoors during this time, it can be pretty tough to stay warm and to enjoy the season. Here are six ways that can help you prepare for the cold weather to come and enjoy it as well:

1. Make Sure the Heating System is Ready to Go

Ideally, the heating system should be maintained in the fall, well before it’s really needed. This means that the furnace and boiler should be checked and any worn out parts replaced or fixed so that you don’t run into any trouble with it breaking down. Also, you’re definitely going to wasn’t to make sure that any debris that has gotten into your unit is cleaned out as to prevent fires and to keep everything running really well. Companies like One Hour Heating & Air Conditioner are your best resources for getting anything related to your heating inspected or fixed.

2. Use the Fireplace

When it comes to sheer coziness, nothing beats a crackling fireplace. Make sure firewood is dry before using, for fresh cutwood has too much water and will mostly smoke. Dry wood has cracks in, and so you’re going to want to keep your eye out for that. Though pine branches make good kindling and tinder, they are too full of polluting resin and wouldn’t be good to use indoors anyways. Use logs from hardwood trees such as oak, maple, beech and birch. Wood from apple trees has a delicious scent, and birch doesn’t leave ash to clean up. Toss dry pine cones or dried orange peels in the fire for more of a heavenly secant and to add some kindling.

3. Move Dining Table Close to the Fireplace

Although this idea may take some rearranging, it could prove beneficial to you and your household. A meal shared while sitting close to a fireplace only adds to the coziness of both the fire and a family mealtime. If you don’t feel like moving the table out from the dining room out to wherever your fireplace is, then it would be a good idea to have a picnic dinner near the fireplace. If you don’t have kids, then this could be a very romantic setting for you and your significant other.

4. Use More Lighting

Since the days are getting shorter, compensate with more inside light. String fairy lights from the ceiling or among the canopy of a bed. Another good idea is that you can arrange tea candles on mantles, coffee tables and end tables too. Of course, you’ll want to use a general light to illuminate the entire space, but these lighting ideas might be a good idea to help you accent certain objects around your home.

5. Put Out Blankets

Extra blankets aren’t just for the beds. Throw them on the backs of sofas or chairs or anywhere someone wants to sit and relax. However, everyone has a different idea of what makes them comfortable, and so you might want to have different types of blankets. Some may be comfy quilts, fleece blankets, or, even, the electric type.

6. Toss Area Rugs on the Floor

These days, it is considered modern for homes to have hard floors. Although that might look really good, it could make your feet really cold in the winter. To help with that, you should put down area rugs wherever your floors aren’t carpeted. This will help keep your feet warm and add to the coziness factor.

By following these six ideas, your winter experience will be very enjoyable. You’ll definitely stop dreading the cold and love this seasonal weather a lot more!

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  • Love the suggestion about using a fireplace to cozy up a room. Up north, especially after an ice storm, you can lose your power for hours at a time…sometimes a day or more. Having a fireplace as a heat source backup is essential in the northern states. While it is always cozy, sometimes it is a life saver, too.

  • Nice tips! I’m ready for winter!

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