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Seattle Waterfall Garden

Relaxing in the arms of nature is something everyone cannot refrain from desiring.  Sitting on your garden bench, with a book in your hand, you could listen to the dribbling sound of your very own waterfall. Wouldn’t it be attractive? The idea of having a waterfall in your garden could be an exquisite addition, thereby embellishing the look of your most beloved garden. A place, along with the charming backdrop of the waterfall, can become the major attraction during social gatherings. Following are the ideas on how to make your garden a matter of discussion amongst all.


The kind of waterfall you may mount basically depends upon the size and style of your garden. The most ordinary garden size is 95cm2 and hence is suitable for the accommodation of a stone-walled waterfall. Aesthetically beautiful, this stone-walled waterfall is easy to achieve.  Comparatively cheap, this artificial waterfall enhances the rustic beauty of ever glowing nature. Natural stones used in the building waterfall come in varied shapes, sizes, and colors.  Capable of making your neighbors envious, this idea of the waterfall will surely add versatility to your garden.

Waterfall In Garden

If your garden area is naturally blessed with a slope, it would be easier to construct a waterfall. Proper architectural plans along with handy tools are a prerequisite for the formation of an artificial waterfall. The most important things you will need for creating a waterfall are; water sucking pump and tube pipes that can be used for constant water availability. Natural stones, available in various shapes and sizes, need to be distinctively assimilated to give a stylish look to your stone–walled waterfall. The waterfall base has to be smartly built as it will be carrying on the foundation of the entire thing. Constructing a waterfall is definitely not everyone’s cup of coffee, but when done with the right kind of people and enthusiastic attitude, it could be quite a fun assignment. After all, enhancing one’s houses’ beauty is always a pleasurable activity.

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