Ways To Add Character With Lights: Home Interior Decor


Home Interior Decor Lights

Although we may not be in the vintage brownstone era, filled with character, we too can create and enjoy the detailed architectural decorations we often desire in our home today. With technology and vintage-inspired designs, any modern home can be transformed with various ideas and tricks. Add character to your home interior decor in different ways, from lighting, adding wood elements, painting, and introducing vintage styles.

Vintage Inspired Lighting

Transform the look of your home using vintage-style lighting features, especially in your kitchen. Light features are the jewelry of space, providing you the opportunity to visually show your style and interests. An ample tiffany flush mount light is a great fitting perfectly combining vintage and modern flair. It is vital to choose light fixtures that complement the entire space while creating a casual and formal ambiance tone to the room. If you can be so bold as to shake things up a bit, use two identical features at different spots in the same space.

Entryway Definition

You do not need a grand foyer to add character to your home’s entryway; there is always an opportunity to define your entrance in different ways. The most common and elegant way to achieve this look placing a built-in storage bench and finish it with pillows neatly dressed. This area will allow you the freedom of stowing unwanted clutter while giving you space to put on your shoes in the morning. To create a big space illusion, hang a mirror about the bench, giving you another opportunity to fix your hair before taking on the day.

Add Character With Colorful Cabinets

Adding a soft, eye-catching color to your cabinet brings a lot of character and interest to your home without making the whole kitchen look demo-y. Ditching the wood or all-white style, adding color is an unexpected yet exciting character to your cooking and eating space. If painting the entire kitchen cabinet is a bit too much for you, create a focal point by painting a smaller portion in a bright shade like yellow or green.

Replace Door Hardware

It may seem odd or small to recognize but changing door hardware is one of the most simple renovations to bring character to your space. Swap out the dull door handle finishes with quality vintage pieces that will encourage you to open the door with a bit more enthusiasm. There are several choices to keep people guessing the age of your door, from fun crystal, keyholes, and antique finishes.

Add A Vintage Rug

Your home’s flooring is another easy element that helps add character to your space. Regardless of the modern furniture in your home, adding a vintage-style rug creates that old-world feels. Like a pair of jeans, a vintage-style rug can fit in any space with different looks and designs. A classic design with a neutral color is critical; this will create an elevated lifetime look that works with many trends and ages.

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