Ways To Avoid Spring Pest Invasion In Your Home


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Spring is coming soon! For many, this time of the year implies warm temperatures, short sleeves, and blooming flowers. Sadly, this often signals the emergence of certain unpleasant pests, thus the need for pest control measures. Latent creatures arise tired, weak, and ready for mating with the seasonal change. It could be harder for rodents to attack after a cold and unforgiving winter. It’s the best opportunity to guard against any possible unexpected guests when you continue your spring clean-up. Here are the six best suggestions to end the trouble with spring pests.

  1. Keep Your House Clean

Clean House

They name it spring cleaning for a reason! Clearing away all leftover debris and dust accumulated during the winter is the most comfortable time of year. Cluttering and piling up can contribute to serious pest problems. More clutter means more places for trapping animals, so unkempt dwellings are ideal resources for mice, so insects of all kinds. Keeping your house clean and tidy, keep rodents away, and give them an incentive to search elsewhere.

  1. Proper Management Of Food Waste

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Pests are on the hunt for the necessities during winter thaw: food, water, and shelter. Be mindful of how you store your food supply; this is an option for these annoying pests out of your house and away from your land. Hold the food in airtight bins like pet food, secured with all garbage receptacles. Quickly clean the dishes and food drops, and check that your garbage (dumpster or trash can) is covered.

  1. Eliminate Stable Or Leaky Water

Leaky Water

In certain parts of the world, spring is always warm, and constant supplies of water may be quite tempting for pests. Check that no corrosion happens in the faucets, tubing, air conditioning systems, hose link-ups, etc., and add drains or divert water to remove standing water where necessary. The removal of any surface water bodies in your yard is especially required for the prevention of mosquitoes since this is where their eggs are laid. When surface water bodies, such as dams, cannot be drained, consider utilizing mosquito larvicides in the water.

  1. Control Moisture And Ventilate

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The interior of your home will have difficulties with moisture, so taking care of these concerns in the spring can benefit you like the humidity increases in the summer. Humidity can provide a perfect atmosphere for certain insects and mold, so it is necessary to ventilate adequately in attics, basements, and other humidity-prone areas of your home to avoid pest infestations or mold problems.

  1. Make Exterior Repairs

Winter has rough weather; temperature swings and extreme snowstorms will cause substantial damages to the house outdoors. Winter is challenging. Any pesticides looking for a cozy place can make use of the new weaknesses of your property. Through cracks, chipped windows, or open slots under the doors, pests can be sneaked into your house. Damage on the roof or loose side of the sneaky invaders can also be entry points. Remember, exterior maintenance should be performed every year.

  1. Keep Plants Away From Your House

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As spring arrives, while the plants continue to grow, make sure that all grass, ornamental shrubs, bulbs, mulch, etc. are at least one foot away from the base. When these plants are kept away from the foundation of your home, insects will find it difficult to get inside your home.


It can be tough to ‘control pest’ if you don’t know what to do. Although certain bugs have been around all year, some of the culprits are most aggressive in the spring. Some pests are beginning their breeding season during this period of the year. Termites launch their swarms, and rats launch their breeding cycles. As mentioned before, since the winter ice thaw, there is plenty of surface water for mosquitoes to breed. To protect yourself against pests this spring, use Excel Pest Services.

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